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Drama in the Skies

Yesterday, about three in the afternoon, I ran up to Ace Hardware to pick up some salt for the pool and just when I got there, the rains came pouring down. No surprise there as it's been going on for several months now, so much so that the Sentinel ran a story about how sinkholes are possible because of our saturated ground. In fact a huge one opened in Groveland just the other day.  I decided to set my camera to the super dramatic setting, and here's what that looks like.
Pretty neat, right? There is water everywhere, including in some front yards I ride past like this one in Harbor Island.
Ours doesn't look like that, thank God, but I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can mow dry grass rather than wet! The forecast looks like that will not be anytime soon.
At least today has been dry up till now, which is most welcome. It rains when it is gray, and even sometimes when the sun is out. Here the sun was out, but I knew it would be any minute and the rain, thunder and lightening would begin.
BTW--that is not on the dramatic setting! Pretty much, days like these make you want to stay home if you are lucky enough not to have a job. I amuse myself by taking photos around the house. I've collected these feathers from our yard.
Quite a few years ago a fellow told me he was looking for an image with red and black for his bedroom. Well, he never came back, but I was lucky enough to have sold the image I made for him, multiple times. It was a red hibiscus on black and white polka dotted paper. I decided to flip the paper over for this one, and although it is a red hibiscus, it is a single, rather than the double I used before.
Although I had only just picked it from my bush it had some weary edges which I quite like. Nothing too perfect for this girl.

The other day I was riding past a big pile of sand at the corner of Pershing and Ferncreek. Months ago, I happened to be driving home when I witnessed an accident at this corner with one of the cars plowing into the wall that protects the Southern Oaks residents from the rest of us. (just kidding!) Now, months later, the wall is fixed, and I suppose the contractor did not clean up his mess. I was digging around in my art supplies for something when I came across a pack of party umbrellas Mary gave me some time ago. Perfect!! A little bit of color for the cars going through the intersection?
Unfortunately, later that day it poured and poured. Riding over to Sue's house to check on her kitchen remodel, it looked like this:
Oddly enough the green umbrella was nowhere to be found, along with a diminished sand pile. For the record, I cleaned up my mess. :) I do hope it brought a smile to someones' face.

So, how is the kitchen remodel going? Slowly. That said, the cabinets are in!
The front wall used to have hanging cabinets, and in fact it was all closed in. That's a brand new window as well. Sue is pinching herself every time she looks out through that opening!

When next you visit London, and I know some of you will, think about this when you are roaming around. The skill with which these maps are done is incredible! Speaking of WWII, I've just finished a charming book on the subject, called Crooked Heart. Here's an interview Scott Simon does with the author, Lissa Evans. Just when you think you have read every novel that could possibly be written on the subject, along comes this one. Did I say it was charming? It is. Poignant as well.

Well, what with those afternoon storms yesterday you didn't expect that the evening skies would be any less dramatic did you? Baxter and I took a stroll down to the lake and before we even got there, I was seriously impressed.
Give me some good sun rays and I'm a happy camper. You may be wondering about the spot where I go, and if so here's the scoop. When we bought this house, 20 years ago next month (!!!), one of the determining factors was the lake lot seven house down, set aside for the residents to share. Nothing fancy, but enough so that if Bruce wants to take his kayak out ,he has a handy place to do so. Of course, back then it was a canoe, but you get my drift. As we walked home, I noticed the sky coloring in the east, and sure enough, it was pretty dramatic in the back yard when we arrived. I can't remember the sunset ever reflecting in the pool before, but then again, my memory is poor. Thus, a blog to jog said memory!
It looks like it is going to be a long week again, but just when I think about whining, I remember how lucky I am. I even saw my eagle the other day. How many people do you think saw an eagle on the same day as I did? Probably not very many.
Today I soared ,and I hope you did too!

Dear God,

Around here we are most grateful for your bounty, showering us each day with water. That said, it seems as if it is time to turn your attention to California. We would be more than happy to share if you see fit.


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