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I'm not sure if it was a call from my sister Nancy, or the gradual change in the weather, but I'm officially out of my funk. It does not hurt that Bruce is coming home tomorrow evening, or that he got his CO on Monday, two days early! I say Bruce, but the truth is, it takes a big team to build anything of substance. Last night, while talking to him around 8:30, he said he was going to Home Depot and naturally I asked what for? He said to pick up a few supplies, to which I replied, "honey, you are the project manager, not the laborer." He reminded me that he is "whatever he needs to be to get a project done--always has been and always will be." Can you blame Steve for wanting to hire a guy like that? Wednesday was what they call the "handover" when the managers arrive and are shown how all the systems operate, along with critiquing the work. After some prodding, Bruce told me that it was the best, most complete restaurant they'd ever had. No doubt in my mind they were speaking the truth!

The weather!! Five days without rain!! Hip, hip hurray! The calendar tells me that fall has arrived, or autumn as some folks call it, and I can definitely feel a tiny bit of cooling off. Of course here in Florida those calendar designations rarely mean much, but still, a girl can hope. Even if the temperature remains in the 90's, the produce market reminds us that fall is here.
About two weeks ago, when this Bruce being gone saga began, I took the photo below to demonstrate how things are going around here at nighttime. Dinner over, and you can usually find me here.
Making the bed has been pretty easy these days as I sneak into that little envelope, remaining there until the sun rises. So that was my original intent however, there's been a big change in our bedroom, because, during one of Bruce's infrequent days home, we got a big stain on his beloved quilt. Oxyclean did not do the trick, nor did turning it the other way around, so on Tuesday, I set out to find something new, which was much harder than it sounds.

I began at the nearest stores including TJSaks, or make that TJMaxx. Can you guess why I took the photo below?
If you've no clue I'll tell you why. Both ladies are carrying the same handbag! Isn't that the craziest? I suppose one of them had it, and the other liked it so well, they got one too? So, anyway, no luck there. Onward to Mecca, as I like to  call it, others use the Mall at Millenia name, an area where there are more shopping opportunities than you can count. I went into one store after another with no luck. I even went to the mall itself, which is rare indeed. I'm nearly always struck by the window displays; this one from Kate Spade was really something. Foxy Lady indeed.
Walking from one end of the mall to the other, I can assure you that plaid, as well as the color burgundy, are making a big comeback. You may be thinking right about now that there is such a thing as online shopping Gail, and of course I know that, even trying that earlier in the day, however, after perusing countless websites, I can tell you that there are a lot of ugly bed coverings to be had. Plus, I wanted a quilt that wound not smother us like a duvet, or comforter. Simply put, it's just plain too hot for either of those in my humble opinion.

Much as I did not want to, from there I drove over to Florida Mall. Orlandoans will understand what I mean when I say that route is not through the best of neighborhoods, and it was plainly evident while driving down Oak Ridge Road, seeing what looked like must have been quite the crime scene as there were at least 10 Sheriff cars, as well as a helicopter, and the news media. Although I meant to watch the news to see what it was all about, I was just plain tuckered out by the time I got home, forgetting all about it. The next morning's newspaper mentioned something about gang arrests, however, there were no specifics. Speaking of the newspaper, some days I can't figure out why we still have it delivered, and then other days when I read something like this, I know why. You absolutely MUST click on that link because it is astonishing, particularly the first letter, a good foil to reading about a man disembowling a woman. You just can't make this stuff up!

Parking outside of Dillards, up the escalator I went, soon discovering that if only I'd gone there first, I could have saved myself a full day of shopping. Whether or not Bruce is going to like it, remains to be seen, so I'm leaving all of the price tags attached. The multi-colored quilt worked perfectly with my orange lamps, and newly recovered occasional chair;  finding a replacement that would meet those requirements was no easy feat. So, I went the plain route.
Quite the change, huh? One thing I was hoping to find, and I did so at Dillards, was a dark bed skirt to replace the ivory colored one that Baxter used to love rubbing against, leaving a black streak over time from the bed frame. Mission accomplished, or so I hope!

I mentioned Nancy calling, and during our conversation I said I just did not have enough to keep me busy, which is not what she wants to hear as she is the only one of the Price siblings with a job, and a difficult one at that. I told her I'd even resorted to cleaning the blinds in the living room, a job which I loathe. "How about the closets Gail?" Just what I needed to hear! I tackled the foyer closet yesterday, and a trip to Goodwill followed. I don't quite know how many years I had been holding onto a box of Matthew's books from his youth, but most of them finally found their way to Goodwill, except for these below!
Sitting between my yearly sales book, and Dave and Michelle's wedding picture, I expect they will stay there until someone makes me move them. Those notebooks contain the story of my business so they will remain as well. One of the reasons I've been so lost is that I've not been to the market for a month now, however, I am so grateful that Sun Dance has still been working for me. Well, themselves as well, but you get my drift. It has been a year now since we learned of the big Hobby Lobby sale. What a day that was! Since they began selling the prints at the first of the year, every month they've re-ordered, some months a number of different ones, others only a few of them. Yesterday I received my monthly mail box money check for $1,000, making for a pleasant surprise. Then too, I see that another company made some pretty big purchases, always exciting, including one that I took while visiting Vancouver! As you know, they also license images, and there is one being used for a "light lamp box", whatever that is. Can you even believe how lucky I've been? Pinch me because I can't!

Out and about on my bicycle, this morning I saw a magnolia blooming which is so odd. Whatever makes a tree bloom out of season, I'd like to know?
While on the subject of blooms, the other morning while visiting Sue, she took me out back, explaining that the fantastic coral blooms opened over night.
She has no shortage of blooms in her back yard, and I expect there will be no shortage of butterflies either.

What with all the sunshine we've had for the last FIVE days, the shadows are aplenty. I wonder if my son Matthew will recognize this place.
I bet Karen Howard will! You may recall that her husband suffered a stroke on August 6, and had to be airlifted to Atlanta from their home in Murphy, NC. I received a note from her yesterday, saying it was the date their lives changed forever, which is not exactly good news, however, he is on the road to recovery.

The birds are making a come back after a quiet month at the feeders. This guy, one of my favorite birds called a Brown Thrasher, does his feeding on the ground, making a mess in the process.
According to one of my friends that is also a bird nut, the Painted Buntings should be returning within the month, and you know who hopes they will make a stop at her place!

The internet is like a two edged sword, don't you think? All the rushing to judgement on barely fact based news stories drives me insane, but then there is the other side filled with wonder. This, my friends, is some mind blowing photography, combined with exceptional creativity.

My friend Bonnie has started a blog about their adventures in upper Michigan, Traverse City to be exact. Here's the link that I've included it in my blog roll on the side as well. Here's wishing her well on an exciting new venture, one I've thoroughly enjoyed, and hope she does too.

And that pretty much is all I have to say aside from one more newspaper related article entitled, "Should kids make beds? It depends on age, parents' goals." Is that really worth a three column article? How can any parent even wonder about such a thing? Of course they should make their beds!!!

Perking up by the day,

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