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I'll Give it My Best Shot

So, the good news was that a buyer bought an image from Sun Dance, while the bad news was that the image was way too low resolution to be made into a product the size (40x84!) they wanted. In other good news the location of said shot was but 75 miles away.

Should I go, or should I stay?

Last Thursday I went, telling Alajandra, "I'll give it my best shot." Trying to recreate an image can sometimes work, then again, sometimes it doesn't. This time it did, I am happy to report. Leaving the house around 8 in the morning was not the greatest idea because the commuter traffic on the interstate was still pretty heavy, but in a case of things working out for the best, I arrived at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse just as they were opening. After telling them I would go, I got to thinking about people. I work strictly for no people shots. Not that I don't like to photograph people, but in the business I'm in, random people are a no-no.

Paying my $7.00 admission, I asked if many people were already in the lighthouse. "You're the first one," the young woman replied. Perfect!! I rushed over and began ascending the 203 steps pretty much as fast as my little feet would take me. Stopping for a breather once, up I climbed, all the while wondering if I could get the same shot. I took way more than necessary, but that's how photographers do it.
Pretty neat right? Except, it did not match the tiny image sent to me on my phone. I did go outside on the catwalk, after all, that's why you go up there, and it was crazy windy. Thank goodness for small favors because it was another hot day and the trek up had made me very warm. The view is lovely over the Atlantic.
Walking back inside, it dawned on me why the photo did not match.....the one they wanted was looking UP!! So, down I went...round and round she goes.
Now we're cooking!
Or, at least this one is a close representation of what they were looking for. The lighthouse is quite nice as are the surrounding grounds with the keeper's cottage and more.
So much has happened since last I blogged, I won't go into much more, however, I did want to mention that following my drive back to Orlando, which went smoothly in case you are wondering, Bruce and I had lunch and then I drove over the Sun Dance with my memory card. It has been quite some time since last I visited their physical plant, so long, in fact, that I'd never been in their much larger offices.
One of three office dogs. :) Emily dowloaded the photos, called Sara into the office to check and everyone were happy campers. While there, Sara told me my mailbox money was going to be very nice, always welcome words.
Now you've been there too!

Woo hoo! The boys, well they will always be boys to me, arrived Friday evening. After an early dinner to us, and a late dinner to them, we went back home where they did their best to stay up and set their inner time clocks to EST.

For some time now I've thought the computer I'm writing this on needed some attention from my overseas tech support. Matt beat me to it, suggesting I might want to buy a new iMac because the display is vastly improved since last I bought one five years ago. And so I did, spending most all of my incoming mailbox money in one fell swoop. Matt set it all up, which is just how I like it.
Except we've been too busy until now, when I finally get a chance to see how this baby works. Loving it so far!

Carol and Hank returned from Melbourne Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day we'd paid a visit to Bill's house so he could show it off to his brother. Plus, we got a chance to see Fallon's ring which is downright dazzling!
You might note she is wearing a sweater because we had a very, and I do mean very brief respite from the heat. Back in shorts today!

For dinner I bet you can guess where we went...
Obviously blurry, but I expect you can tell that we took them to Hawkers where we all shared a delicious meal. We ordered the little trio of creme brûlée which was delicious.
Because there are so many choices, I try to make a new selection each time. Crispy noodles were a mystery to me until my dish arrived.
Flavorful, but slightly difficult to eat. You live and learn, don't you?

Sunday we shared breakfast at home as well as conversation. Bruce put the pretty touches on all the packages I'd wrapped Friday, while others took a walk, or just hung around. I convinced Carol and Hank to let me take their photograph--still crazy in love after all these years.
In some sad news, an ambulance arrived across the street around 10 in the morning--never a good thing. Apparently Corrine became dizzy, fell, and could not get up. Her stepson Tim called and called, not getting any response, so Regina went to check on her. I was able to see her before they took her away; despite some severe bruising around her eye, she was in reasonably good spirits. That said, our time with Corrine is nearing the end as her daughter is coming down from Alabama as I type to take her back home. I learned that in the brief time Herb has been in the home he is fading fast. Needless to say, we are super sad about all this. Calling her in the hospital this morning, she told me she has no choice, something I really can't deny, however, we wish it were turning out differently. :(

I've only just now heard that Carol and Hank are safely back home in Beverly Hills, while Bruce is at the job site, and Matt and Tom are doing errands. In super good news, the permit finally came in and construction on the new restaurant begins tonight with demolition. Woo hoo!

After Carol and Hank left, to sooth my soul, some serious Adele watching ensued; the NBC concert was replayed, as was a British show that included a very sweet segment with some Adele impersonators. If my sister Nancy hasn't seen this yet, she is going to be in heaven!
Following that we went to a wonderful party at David and Cheryle's home, where everyone from the Hills Happy Hour gang was in attendance. They were crazy about Matt and Tom, as I knew they would be.
Cheryle made her Grandmother's recipe for gumbo using our Thanksgiving turkey carcass as a starting point. Despite their shyness, Matt and Tom hit it off beautifully with everyone. Maybe I should say Matt's shyness. According to Matt, Tom is a party superstar, and it sure looked that way to me.

And with that, I'm heading out to the kitchen to make some lunch.

Both happy and sad,


p.s. It is only just today that my thighs have recovered from the climb--yeesh they were sore!
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