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Making Progress

Early Saturday afternoon we got the word that Maureen was to be moved over to a rehabilitation facility. We were both more than ready to get her out of ORMC. The day was gray and rainy, making the wait even more unbearable.
The nurse said she was getting paperwork together and it would be about 4:30. Great, was our reaction. Except 4:30 came and went with no word on what was holding things up. I began roaming the hallways looking for help, however, mostly they were empty. 5:30 came and went. 6:30 came and went. By now it was no longer gray but dark and rainy.
Finally, we got word they were on their way. I took one load of her things down to my car in the rain. Luckily I was able to move it closer for my next trip down! The ambulance folks came and I drove my car to Solaris Healthcare of Windemere.
That said, it is not at all in Windemere. Off Conroy Road, it is a few blocks from Mecca, otherwise known as the Mall at Millenia area where there is every shopping possibility you can imagine. I am thrilled they are building a Costco there, as well, yesterday, I'm pretty sure I saw a sign for a new Hobby Lobby. So, there's that.

Anyway, we got her settled as best we could late Saturday night. I left her about 8:45, fairly anxious she was, but there was nothing more I could do. I did learn from the Saturday nurse at the hospital that although the first center I visited is formally called Terra Vista, it is more commonly known by those in the know as TERROR Vista; I could not agree more!!

Everyone at the center is really nice. It is clean, and the food is pretty good as well. Sunday morning I popped over before church, bringing her a few things. Following church we had lunch somewhere new...Giraffas, a Brazillian place in Mills Park. I took this photo because the wallpaper looks like something I've seen before
Not exactly the pattern of the quilt block I was working on when I got the call about Maureen, but pretty darn close.
A small table runner for our home,  using some of the beautiful batik fabric Jane gave me for my birthday.

I had Mr. Bruce take my photo while we were waiting on our food so you could see the new me:
I am absolutely loving not having to take glasses on and off, not to mention find them around the house!! Once the food came it was tasty. For a side, I tried something entirely new--despite searching the web, I can't seem to find out what it is called. Made with yucca flour, eggs, olives, and bacon, it had a good taste, but a bit of a weird feel in the mouth.
Next up was a stop at an estate sale at a house I've photographed before. Oh my goodness, we could not believe our eyes, wether it was the room dedicated to costumes:
The shark jaws nesting amongst other things:
One of two bathtubs filled with stuffed animals,
or the array of worn statues lakeside, well really fence side.
I say fence side because on the other side of the fence there were probably ten watercraft! Let's not forget one of two VW bugs, this one sinking into the dirt:
Should the VW not interest you, perhaps you will remember these from an earlier blog post?
I wrote about them here back in December 2014. Talking with folks, loads of people went to the sale, having seen the crazy mannequins in the front yard, mostly to see what the inside would be like. They were not disappointed! Seriously it is like nothing I've ever seen before, and, come to think of it, hope never to do so again! The estate sale lady told us that the man had 15 dogs when he died! Animal lovers will be delighted to learn that homes were found for all of them! I could have taken a gazillion pictures of weird stuff as there were about twenty rooms and a whole back yard filled with stuff. Oh yeah, they also hauled off FIVE dumpsters worth of stuff before the sale began!

Sunday afternoon the physical therapist assessed Maureen, and by Monday they put her to work!
She will be having PT twice daily beginning today. This morning, following her therapy, we went to the dining room for a treat. The preschoolers from Windemere Prep came to give a little Valentine's Day concert.
Their Moms came along as well.
You might be tempted to think it was the Super Bowl should the cameras be larger....

They were adorable, and sang heartily for 15 minutes which seems like a long time for such little children. The residents, as you can imagine, loved every minute of it. I was only sad to think that all the folks in wheelchairs were once just like those little ones. :(

All in all she is doing very well. The staff is quite attentive, unlike the hospital; today she walked ten steps with her walker.  They want her to wear clothes, so after asking the staff what would be appropriate, I went to Wal Mart for sweat pants and t-shirts. Some of the things I bought did not fit so when I was returning them to another WM, a woman began chatting me up, and do I mean chatting. The result is she suggested I try a thrift store which I'd not thought of. Should she need more than I've purchased I know where I will be going next.

Feeling optimistic,

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