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Let Me Get Some Glasses

If I said that once, I said it a thousand times...let me get some glasses. Wait....they are on my face!! One of the best decisions I've made in quite some time.

Speaking of decisions, remember when I wrote here about being filmed for that "reality" show? I heard from a friend on facebook that it ran the other night. Saving you the trouble of watching the whole thing, I'm providing this link which I hope works for you. Yup, all thirty seconds of us!! Make that twenty. :)

I am a serious potato lover; like them cooked any way you can think of, so when I saw them on sale at Publix, I purchased two bags. One to keep, and one to use now. Except, following Maureen's fall, my cooking nearly stopped for more than a month. And so it was that I brought bag #2 into the house and discovered that the potatoes not only had eyes but they had roots as well!!! Never having had this happen before, naturally I took a photo of it. Not quite like this million dollar plus photo of a potato but somewhat interesting to me.
Yikes!!! Five pounds of them!

What this means is that things are returning to normal around here. Taking over for Lisa as Maureen's caregiver, her daughter Lib arrived yesterday from Atlanta. So, I am cooking, taking my medicines, and doing a bit of sewing, finally finishing my little runner. Those blocks were so difficult, I stopped at three.
There is just something about sunflowers that are in their waning moments that I love. The late afternoon sunlight makes them even more appealing to me.
And we have been having plenty, and I do mean plenty, of sunshine. Just superb weather. As to
that glass door allowing the lovely light to flood our home, it has had a makeover if you will. I treated myself yesterday....window cleaners!!!!
Working as a team, one inside, and one outside, our windows are crazy sparkly now!
Seriously amazing that they only use water, with one of those handled mop type things, and as the young man pictured above described them, "old school squeegees." Some of the best money I've spent in a while. Should you too, want yours done, the company is called, A Perfect Services, Inc. and they do more, including cleaning gutters! The phone number is 407-327-2350. Tell them Gail sent you for a discount, or so they say. Worth every penny.

What is not worth any pennies, or at least in my view, is this restaurant in Thorton Park that took over the space once occupied by Tijuana Flats.
You might be tempted to think with a name such as this, there would be many dishes served with green sauce. Think again. As you should if you like refried beans, because, although the menu states they are refried beans, ours came as whole pinto beans.

The Goldfinch are back!!
As my late Mother, and before her, the Bible told me, there is nothing new under the sun, including an American presidential candidate the likes of Donald Trump. There are some amongst you that might find this article from The Guardain fascinating, especially the quiz at the bottom.

Do you suppose this house I ride by occasionally will now finally take the sign out of their yard?
Not only did the above article pique my interest, but this one from The New York Times did as well. Imagine, an article about female shoeshiners in Italy!! The stories are legion in our family regarding shoe shining, something that was required of us when we returned home from school each day. Where was a reporter during all those years when we were polishing Bass Weejuns?

With great excitement, I'm here to report that my Tabebuia tree is beginning to show it's' true colors!
Oh how I love this time of the year! Of course, on the flip side of that there is pollen, leaves, and seeds flying everywhere. I have no clue what these seeds, floating all over the surface of our pool are.
That is, however, a small price to pay when everything is blooming, and the weather is so wonderful. Last years orchids are brightening up our pool area.
And there you have it, another edition of Camera Crazy. Potato to orchids....

Seeing ever more clearly now that my windows are clean,

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