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Made My Day

Now we are talking my friends....look at this fantastic storm coming in!
If that weren't good enough, earlier in the day, while doing some errands, it rained as well! One of the benefits, if I was looking to find some, with the dry weather we've had, is how tidy everything has stayed. Driving rain and wind will, hopefully, be changing all that soon, beginning with the Crepe Myrtle blooms all over the parking lot.
At the same time, I saw something else of note. Come to think of it, the colors of the fallen blossoms and the truck are the same. Pink rims no less!!
My mentor, or, that's what I'm choosing to call her, Sharleen from Days for Girls, invited me to attend the Orlando Modern Quilt guild meeting at the Sewing Studio. Why not? While stopped at the light on Lee Road, I felt compelled  to document the highway widening. Again, why not?
As you can imagine, a good deal of the meeting was taken up with discussion regarding the quilts for Pulse which has turned into a much bigger deal than they ever imagined. Should you be interested in further details you can read their blog post here. There was even a woman visiting from Canada who brought four quilts made by her guild in Ontario! Including the ones she brought, the Orlando guild now has 266 completed quilts, with 200 more in various states of completion. Simply amazing is what I have to say about it.

As well, there is a show and tell portion with Sharleen's lovely daughter, Sara, showing off a quilt she made for another charity that serves abused children.
I love how she is on her tip toes! Then it was time for Sharleen to do her own show and tell, with Sara assisting.
She did all sorts of circular quilting which looked fantastic. I'll show mine in a moment--not nearly as good, that's for sure! There were several men quilters in attendance, including this fellow who is showing of his Pulse quilt. Actually, this is the back, the front included some very nifty embroidery.
Following the meeting I had a lovely chat with a young woman, an architect taking a long lunch, who shares some of my same interests as far as sewing is concerned. I'm super glad I went.

Speaking of going places, lately my stomach has been giving me fits, making getting out and about sometimes a challenge. I know you think otherwise from this blog, but truthfully, I am home quite a bit. So it was this morning that I was sewing away when I got a text from Pam. Wait, before I go into that story, I want to show off her latest quilt she made for her Mom who requested a classic blue and white scheme.
Can you believe how awesome it is? She has come a long way since we began this sewing journey last fall. As well, I'd like you to notice a striped quilt on the chair in front of the white door. Glenn's first quilt! He's hooked too. The only problem in their household is one machine for two "sewists."

Okay, getting back to my story, the text was,  there is an estate sale on Dunsany with a serger and some sewing supplies. Still, I resisted. About half an hour later, Irene texted me some photos of a few of the goodies to be found. Hmmm....after more deliberation I got in the car, driving only about three miles away. Good grief, while walking up, who should I see but Bobby Turk, one of the fellows I did not recognize at the funeral. I knew he lived on Dunsany, but I did not know they lived just across the street from the sale! Generally estate sales have a holding area for purses which are forbidden, I suppose because they don't trust estate sale shoppers. This one did not have one, so I began walking the half block back to my car when Bobby suggested I put mine in the back of his trailer. It's not that I mind walking, but the day was already seriously hot.  Score!

So, I'm rummaging through some quilting books when a woman says, "Are you Gail Peck from Camera Crazy?" OH MY GOSH!!! Cecilia explained that she and her husband, as well as a friend named Sandy, followed my blog. I promise, I am not making this up! She talked about some of my posts, and so and so, and I shook her hand, saying, "You have just made my day!" I even scored a huge, good as new, cutting mat (quilting tool), for $4. Retail price is $60!

In nearly nine years of writing this blog, this post is #1551, never once has someone recognized me, let alone spoken to me about this tiny spot on the web. To think I almost didn't go. Unreal.

So, I said my circle was not nearly as nice as Sharleen's, but it is pretty good except for the two largish puckers that I went back and tried to fix. Honestly though I could hardly believe there were only a couple.
Nancy is in LA visiting Carol, who is doing fabulously in case you wanted to know.  Then too, there is the little matter of Nancy seeing Adele at the Staples Center from the 10th row! She's been waking up early, calling me to pass the time until the California folks wake up, and of course by the time she calls me, I am already at the sewing machine. Hearing the machine she asked, "what are you sewing now?" I decided to use the little spiral quilting piece and turn it into a sunglass pouch because the case I was given at Costco snaps shut like the jaws of an alligator! Plus, it's too bulky in my handbag, which is already bulky with a camera!
I used a couple of blocks remaining from the quilt I made for Fallon. Of course, you recognize the orange. :)

The binding is on and the quilt awaits tonight's opening ceremony for the Olympics, during which time I will begin the hand sewing. I sure am hoping the dire reports coming out of Rio are overblown don't you?
Hard to believe it has been four years since the London Olympics...

Finally, there is a little cut through on Sweetbriar I sometimes use. Last summer, I think it was, a large tree branch fell across the path, blocking the way until someone stronger than I could move it. Here it is about a year the mushroom growth. Then too, I guess it matches the quilt, doesn't it?
Nature is great inspiration,

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