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Fun with Fabric, Flowers, and People Too

I hardly know where to start I've so much to say! Although it is out of order, because the title begins with fabric fun, perhaps I shall too.  Saturday afternoon was spent, and I mean all of Saturday afternoon, hand sewing the binding on the coral quilt while watching the Seminoles beat an overmatched opponent soundly. You might wonder why small schools agree to play big schools, and the answer to that question is, money. It brings it lots of money to their programs. Then too, Bruce tells me that Bobby Bowden, in his early days at Florida State, did the same when they were considered a small football program. Over time they became a powerhouse football program. May the season continue well!

Most quilters, or so I think, troll the internet looking for inspiration. I am no different in that regard, finding so many inspiring projects, it is hard to choose what to make next. I suppose my pile of fabric in the laundry basket led me to think about making a scrappy quilt, don't know, but that's what is happening around here the last few days. Cutting small pieces from larger scrap pieces the idea is to put things together that DON'T match, creating an overall mosaic effect. Now we are talking some fun my friends. I cut a bunch of the 2 inch by 3 1/2 inch pieces, mixed them up in a plastic container, and got to work chain piecing them together. I did get a scrap of this fabric from Pam, and I'm not sure either of us knew the pattern name before now.
So here is the work table in progress...
It is so wildly counterintuitive, making ugly combinations,  but I think I'm going to end up liking the effect. I've got three rows done so far.
Isn't it so crazy colorful?  Visiting Irene on Friday, I thought to myself how we could not be any more different. While waiting for the house sales to go through, she bought an awesome mid century modern hutch for her fabrics.
Now that is what I call organized, something you more than likely will not be seeing at Mrs. Camera Crazy's home any time soon. Her house is looking fabulous, btw.

Friday night, Ellie who lives across the street, invited the neighbors for a driveway party. This must be the new thing, right? Anyway, although I know most everyone, the young folks are not so forward, waiting until this gathering to meet. Kevin and Ellie have an almost one year old that is cute as a button. It made my heart happy to see Ellie letting her play on the ground, AND chew on keys. Bring on the germs is what I say!
In this shot Ellie is talking to the young folks that moved into Angela and Matt's house, George and Lucia, who I am happy to report are FSU fans too.
More children!
Sadly the other two new neighbors were not there--perhaps another time.

Following church, Bruce needed to go to the mall to speak with the manager, who apparently is quite a taskmaster. Seeking permission to remove the rest of the barricade, the request was thankfully granted. We stopped into the restaurant for a moment and the kitchen was a beehive of activity with training ongoing in earnest. Do you think there are enough chefs in the house?
The lamps you see on the credenza arrived with white gloves to put them together. Don't ask me why the project manager did that job.
Driving home on Holden, following a nice lunch at La Madeline, Bruce spotted a man alongside the road who looked as if he needed help. Turning the car around, he got out to see what he could do. Turns out the man's battery on his scooter was dead. Bruce began pushing him, not an easy task as he quickly learned. Much to our surprise, and delight, a young couple turned around as well, jumping out to aide the effort.
Despite three adults pushing, they did not get very far. Thanking them for their efforts, the man said he would just wait for the battery to charge. :)

Sunday night was another driveway moment at the Hill's house.
We were missing about half our group for one reason or another. Catherine, in the black dress and blonde hair, returned to Orlando this week to collect her adored brother's ashes. She went back to the Isle of Wight in late July because her allowed six months in the country had passed, while Harry was still in decent health. Suddenly, two weeks ago, his health declined, and it wasn't long before he passed away. :(

This morning, the weather is cloudy, seriously a rarity for the last week which defies explanation. That said, the conditions are perfect for photographing flowers. No harsh sunlight or shadows.
The red Passion flowers are great, but there's something about the, what I'm calling raspberry, Passion flowers that I adore.
Both vines, the one below is as well. I've forgotten the name of it, however, seeing one while out and about, never fails to illicit marvel.
Although it will be hard to leave my project for a few hours, the reward of having lunch with Angela will undoubtedly mitigate the pain. I know you are as anxious to hear how she is faring as I am!

Hitting the shower,


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