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Keep on Learning

There will probably be no "truckin" in my future, but for sure there will be learning.  Speaking of songs, while working on the big hand sewing project, I watched a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers documentary made in 2007. While very long, it was completely engaged from start to finish because, well damn, they made some great music over the years!

So, isn't it just a wonder of the world how peaches are, no longer, so fuzzy? One of our local produce shops, Clemons, carries the most wonderful peaches from South Carolina in August. He drives up there once a week, bringing back a truck load of goodness to his customers in Orlando, and I thank him for doing so.
I still peel them though. :)

Is our neighborhood, specifically right around us, changing!! More new folks moving in across the street.
The children of Miriam wasted no time in turning her house over to a young woman (27) and her boyfriend! It never went on the market following the same pattern as Herb and Corrine's home. It is astonishing to think that last year at this time I had two sets of neighbor's approaching 90 years of age, and now those homes are filled with young folks, and children. I only hope Miriam's daughter sold the house for a regular price, unlike the other house that was purchased for way less than the going rate. How much less?  $100,000 less!! Not looking good for our little slice of heaven in the middle of the two, or so it seems. That said, we have no plans to go anywhere anytime soon.

I learned the other day that our former neighbor Elie, who moved to Southern Oaks where we go to Hill's Happy Hour, has suffered a return of the cancer that claimed his leg when he was only 16 years old. Such sad news. Speaking of HHH, here is part of the gang from Sunday night. Please note the cute little VW camper bag in front, a gift from Tom's folks last Christmas.
It looks cute sitting there doesn't it? The perfect size for a bottle of wine.

Monday was Days for Girls, and was it ever a super day of sewing. Sharleen began the session with an update on our chapter, inventory, and the big news is that she was able to purchase an amazing tool to cut the liners due to the generosity of two sisters; two of whom you know!
A special die was made in the shape of the liners and not only can it cut six layers of fabric at once, it also cuts the waterproof material, which before this, was very labor intensive. Happy Days!
There were loads of happy sewers, well loads as in 23, including several new ladies who are very enthusiastic about the cause.
As I was leaving I told the shop folks, see you on Wednesday, the day I was scheduled for my next Bernina class. Nope, I had the wrong day...back again on Tuesday morning. Mickie is the Bernina instructor, and is she ever a talent.
Particularly when it comes to embroidery...she made all the cool stuff on the walls; my favorite being the awesome Florida bag although those dish towels are pretty amazing.
Mostly that is what we talked about, decorative stitches, although I did learn more about machine maintenance which was quite helpful. Following the class I wandered around, managing to only buy a few small pieces of fabric, as well as watching Lisa, the shop owner, using the longarm quilting machine.
There are classes on how to run this machine, and once you've learned, rentals are $20hr. See how much I have yet to learn???

Hobby Lobby is going to custom frame these posters sent from the headquarters in Vancouver.
Slated for the "back of the house" they spell out the mission statement, as well as highlighting the rights of the staff. This project may be quite difficult, however, it is good to know, in the long run, how great the folks at Earls treat their employees.

I did stop by the project to see Bruce, whom I found with the tile guy, and the Project Manager from the construction company that is doing the project.
After the big construction wall came down,  Mr. Peck was not thrilled with the revealed tile work. He is, however, pleased with how the patio ceiling looks. Can you blame him?
I suspect that most folks will forget that this massive structure was not there before. I need not remind you that this project has been anything but easy. The furnishings are all in place,
and are they ever cool. The blue booths are really more like little love seats, sitting adjacent to windows that were also never there before. Yesterday was the turn over, meaning the chef and his team are getting deliveries, and will begin putting the amazing kitchen to the test. Woo hoo...the end is in sight!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch home, I sewed. Well, not all of the time, but a bunch. After making another project I had a fair number of 2" blocks left over. Hmmm...well, I put them together, then I framed them, then I set them in a sea of off white fabric courtesy of the recent garage sale haul. Beginning in the pieced panel I started with traditional straight lines. Using diagonal lines on one of the sides, I thought, what the heck, this is going to be a little blanket for Baxter, Ielt's go for broke and practice free motion quilting. Clearly this is going to take a ton of practice before I am any good!
What is free motion quilting? Doodling with a needle and thread is what it is! Actually, people are capable of creating amazing designs using this technique, but for now,  I'm going to learn to be a doodler. Maybe.

It is all about rhythm, of which I have very little! Nonetheless, the more I did, the more comfortable I felt. I've tried it on small swatches before, but there is nothing like the real thing, learning how to cover large areas. The front looked a mess, but the back was even worse!
Because you are moving the fabric around, this sort of thing happens when you don't have a good bond between the layers. All part of the learning process is how I'm looking at it!

Baxter will never even notice.
And now, ladies and gentleman, I must do some tidying up in my sewing room. The day is slated to be rainy due to a tropical storm in the Gulf. I'll put on some music, and whistle while I work. Not really, I'm terrible at whistling, but perhaps I can hum...

Oops...I nearly forgot. I came home the other afternoon, finding a UPS box on the front porch. SunDance sent me two plaques that have been made by a Christian gift retailer in Indiana, one of which is this:
There's that.

Secondly, and way more importantly, I have a feeling there are those amongst my readers that have a sewing machine sitting idly in a closet. I also know you are a generous lot, and I'm asking that you consider donating that machine you will never use again. Days for Girl's long term goal is to teach the young woman to make their own kits, and if you are so inclined, you could be a part of that effort.

Thanks much,


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