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My Lucky Mug

You would think I'd been on vacation it has been so many days since last I blogged, but that is most certainly not the case. For one reason or another, the days just flew by this week. I am back now.

There were many high points to the week, however, yesterday's Florida State game was not amongst them. In fact, it was the worst loss a FSU football team has EVER had! In spite of drinking, for not one, but two days, my morning tea out of my lucky, or maybe not so lucky, FSU mug, they took a pummeling. Mostly I am not suspicious, but a few years ago, when the team was going through some struggles, I began using the mug, given to me by my late mother-in-law, on game days. It is one of those fat ceramic mugs that I generally shy away from, being more the bone china mug type girl, but I made an exception for the team. Apparently, they didn't know they that I had. The good news is, I finished my hand sewing while watching the game to the bitter end.

Angela? How the heck is Angela? Not terrible. We met at George's Gourmet Cookies in Winter Park, the first time for both of us. The shopping center where it is located was home to Kmart for years and years, however, soon it will be home to a new Marshalls and Home Goods, following the store's closure. Both of us parked behind the center, and I was kind of marveling about this rusty looking structure attached to the main building. Kind of fancy for an alley, right?
The interior of the restaurant might be described as whimsical? A Beatle's theme is just one of the decorating effects.
In spite of the name, they serve more than cookies, in fact, the salads and sandwiches are huge, AND delicious. Because it has been only a tiny bit more than a year since Matt died, Angela is still grieving, seeing most things through Matt's eyes. She mentioned that he would have loved the place. Before Matt died he gave her these cute covers for her side mirrors...
 She looks great doesn't she? We talked about what is next, and our conclusion was, one day at a time.

The biggest news of the week is they got their CO for the restaurant. For those of you unfamiliar with the lingo, that means Certificate of Occupancy. What a relief! Tonight! Tonight! Invited guests will actually be eating there!!
The mall just replanted the slope for more visibility, however, with a roofline like that, it is pretty hard to miss! Bruce has worked more than he has slept this week, but the finish line is in sight, with Wednesday being the official opening. It is hard to know how they will do, having no name recognition, however, if Tyson's Corner is any indication, it won't take very long before they are successful. The mall used to be not so busy, but since the tourists have discovered it, that is no longer the case. Oren, one of our friend's from Hill's Happy Hour, works for the city, and he said something last Sunday that has really stayed with me. Of the 67 million tourists that visited Florida last year, a good many of them came here, meaning, on any given day, there are at least ONE MILLION new people here. How is that for a way of looking at that statistic?

Mr. Peck can be likened to a captain of a big vessel, bringing it to harbor on time, and safely. My captain is tired, and I am insisting he take a vacation before he captains another such ship! Where we will go is ytbd. When will we go? Hopefully within two weeks!

The moon has been big and bright the last few days...I love in the morning how, with surrounding clouds, there is an additional light show.
The sky gave off another kind of show the other day. I was standing in sunshine as I took this photograph across Lake Pineloch on my way home from the post office. Mailed off a card to Carol's husband, Hank, who turned 75 yesterday!! Hard to believe, really.
If you can imagine, the rain steered clear of us.

Thursday evening I went to a party without my husband who was not home, and if he had been, he would have been too tired to attend! Our friend Steve had a birthday, and given that he loves Italy, he asked for donations for their earthquake relief fund, rather than gifts for himself. Cheers to Steve and his lovely wife Kirsten!
Held at Bea's house, Kirsten's sister, they had a pasta party complete with gnocci which was delicious! One of the guests, a friend of Bea's, was Victor Conner, General Director of the Orlando Opera. Here is how a bass baritone sings Happy Birthday...
with mouth wide open!

I finally got a hair cut. Never could I have short hair that would require constant visits to the salon! Monica greeted me with a "are you ready for your semi-annual?"
It wasn't just laziness that kept me from heading over to Salon Muse, but swimming. I was waiting for swim season to be over. Soon that will be the case, as the water is getting a little chilly for a Floridian. Not so much though that I did not go in yesterday, in spite of my new do. These pesky pods have been falling into the pool like crazy, and you know what that does to the pool vacuum. I dove down multiple times, grabbing handfuls off the bottom of the pool, before popping up for air.
The whole yard had gotten out of control, so putting on my suit and shorts, I got to work yesterday morning at 8. Mowing, spraying the plants for bugs, trimming the plants, with the worst job being I cut two gigantic limbs off the yucca tree. Should I take that same moon shot again, those spiky things on the left would not be in the picture because they are now in several of the six cans I filled with yard debris. Thinking all the while that maybe I am getting too old for this kind of work, I reminded myself I want to be one of those little old ladies who is still mowing her own yard at 80.

With the weather slightly cooler I had some good bike rides this morning, taking very few photographs because I've covered the same territory for years. Still not at 4,000 miles, but getting closer. I did think this scene over in Harbour Island was pretty though.
The same could be said about this lily. Such great color and you know how I do love color.
My sewing table is tidy as are my fabric drawers. After making the scrappy quilt, I forced myself to once again sort everything out and it looks great. For how long, now that is the question!

When next we meet I will have photographs of the big event tonight. People in the restaurant, eating, drinking and being merry. Won't that be fun?

until then,

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