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An Engagement Party, A Birthday Party, and a Homecoming Too!

Earlier in the week I said to Mr. Bruce, we've got a busy weekend coming up. I guess so! You know how it is, nothing at all to do, and then a big cluster of great stuff happens.

Including this amazing event not mentioned in the title. What with all the venom I've seen posted on facebook regarding the election, I've been sorely tempted to just get rid of my account because, frankly, I don't need such nastiness in my life. But then I remember how something great comes from being on facebook, like learning you have a step cousin living only a few states away..namely Joelle who reached out to me because she thinks I look like our shared Grandfather. It must have been Thursday that a well wrapped, and I'm not kidding about that, package arrived in the day's mail. Inside there was this, which I do realize, now that I've uploaded the photos, is upside down! Use your imagination...
This my friends, is the ring that our Grandfather wore while working as a union aluminum worker in St. Louis! Can you imagine? This was from a time in history when the unions were big and powerful, so wearing the union ring was probably a sign of their strength in numbers. You and I both know how much I love family history and am such a nostalgia bug. I can't wait for my siblings to see this at Thanksgiving, and who knows, maybe one of them will remember it from all those years ago!

Look where I went on Friday afternoon? Say what?
During last Sunday's craft show a woman, named Gail btw, was looking for some photographs to give as small gifts to people who work for them. Do you have nine 8X10 prints in the same subject matter? Beach scenes, or flowers? Telling her I was pretty sure I had some at home and would bring them next week, turns out I DID not have that many of anything! At least in that size. :) Let us hope she actually buys them today.

Here's what fall looks like in Florida; who says we don't have fall color?
About a month ago I heard from Dana to save November 18 for an event. Well, that event turned out to be a celebration party for the engagement of her son Cole, and his sweet fiancee, Courtney.
Held at the Cheyenne Saloon, it was a lovely party. Before we left the house I mentioned to Bruce how thrilled I was that Cole met Courtney, a little minute of a young woman. That's an old saying that seems to fit her perfectly. She's here with her Mom looking adorable.
Cole, who we grew to love while he was managing the market, had a similar story to ours in that he had a long time girlfriend from school that everyone assumed would be married in a matter of time. Except, she was killed in a car accident about six years ago. Lindsay was her name, and she was like a daughter to Dana. As you can imagine, when a 20 something dies in a car accident, it is more than devastating.
We met Courtney early on in their relationship and just fell in love with her. She was in the same nursing program that Fallon is soon to graduate from. These days she's working as a pediatric nurse. Cole left the market about a year or so before we did, and that event alone probably contributed to our end as well.

Here's a little something that long time Orlandoans will get a kick out of. We knew only a handful of people at the party, so when that happens, you talk to strangers, or that is what we do.  Except this man turned out not to be a stranger at all.
It had been so many years since I saw him that I did not recognize him, but during our conversation it came out that he was a doctor. What kind, I asked? Emergency Room. Okay, where? Well he explained, I started my career at Mercy Hospital back in 1974. OH MY GOSH! The memories came flooding back from my time at Mercy Hospital, including being pregnant with Matt. We reminisced about the many gunshot wounds treated there which made me think that things haven't changed much in the last 40 years. In spite of everything the city has done to improve the area, violent crime remains pretty much the same. Some of my very favorite friends I met while working there back when I was just a young woman. :)

But that's not really why you should be interested in Jock Sneddon. If you are of a certain age, you no doubt have heard of the nightclub, JJ Whispers. So Jock was the first J, and Dana's dad John was the second!!!  Although we never went there, I suspect someone reading this has. Orlando is really, at it's heart, a very small town.

I've been making some Christmas gifts for the last two weeks, but now I'm making another patchwork quilt, this time in a controlled color palette which always starts with the cutting.
Last evening the old Darden gang gathered at Earls to celebrate Steve's birthday.
Barb, Steve's wife joked that they could do a punch list while we were there! Instead everyone marveled at how beautiful and complex the restaurant is. Steve and Bruce started at Darden about a year apart, and became fast friends. Needless to say it was a lot of fun.
Steve is one of the sweetest, most generous souls you could ever hope to meet. Barb is pretty darn great as well.

Which brings us to today when we will celebrate Matt and Tom's homecoming! In only a matter of hours, we will welcome them home to celebrate Thanksgiving. Tom, of course, will be a great help to me in the kitchen. Matt, of course, will be a great help to me in fixing all my technology. They work for their room and board. Just kidding my friends.

Enjoying the chill in the air,


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