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And So it Goes

So, we got our wish...the election is over. I wish I could understand what protesting, vandalizing, and burning our flag can accomplish. On Veteran's Day, no less.
Some people will claim that the brave folks who served in our military fought for the right to burn the flag, but I suspect most of them never even considered the possibility when they were putting their lives on the line. Yeesh!

We have had the most gorgeous weather you can imagine with bright blue skies now that the humidity has gone down. I was out riding the other morning and the fragrance of a few scattered Magnolia blooms filled the air. It surprises me to no end when things bloom out of season.
Don't you find tree trunks interesting? I sure do. Especially the super smooth ones...very intriguing.
My route was through part of Southern Oaks and over into Cheryle's neighborhood. Well, how nice, I spotted an estate sale sign. Little did I know where that was going to lead.

The sale in question was in a interesting home on Lake Jennie Jewel, tucked away in the corner. Let's just say there were many surprises in store inside that brick home. Like a game room downstairs. Come to think of it, in those days it may have been called a Rumpus Room. Should you be young and reading this, don't say that I never introduced you to new/old terms! There was no basement but it was below ground level and what a room it was, complete with a pool table, full bar, and a poker corner with crazy neat wallpaper.
Don't ask me why I did not photograph the bar because I can't tell you but the wallpaper behind it was unreal as well.

Upstairs, in one of the bedrooms, there were all manner of things, including a bunch of these.
My sister-in-law Judy has told the story of our mutual Green Stamp Christmas more times than I can count. There was an actual Green Stamp store in Orlando where your filled books were used as currency. As to the Top Value stamps, I can't remember where you redeemed them. Actually, come to think of it, it seems to me that Winn Dixie gave out TV stamps, but what store gave out the Green Stamps, I can't recall. I must have been buying a lot of groceries back then because I had enough stamps to "buy" a small table and chairs for my boys to play at. I should find the photo of Matt playing at that same table with his Fuzzy Pumper Play Doh Barber Shop.
Walking through the rooms, it was such a step back in time. Owned by a Doctor, these folks had quite the lifestyle and it appeared to me as if they never threw a thing away. I noticed, as did these guys pictured, old Boone High School yearbooks. Picking up one I said, my brother should be in this one. Wrong year Gail. The next one, however, I struck gold finding both Maureen and Pat! I bought it for some Thanksgiving fun.
The fellow on the left is showing a picture of his Dad to the fellow on the right. Turns out man #2 had his Dad for a teacher!!

From there I went into the master bedroom, filled with more goodies from years gone by. The entire bed was covered with beautiful hats, one more amazing than the next.
Old Orlandoan's surely remember Dickson & Ives, a beautiful downtown department store.
Honestly, the hats were works of art. Then I raised my eyes to notice something that I really wanted. Oh my goodness, the set designers on Mad Men could not have dreamed this up.
On either side of the bed, I could not believe how awesome these ceramic lamps were. They were $75 a piece and I convinced myself that that was too much and really, where would I put them? Amazingly enough, when I went back into one of the other rooms, who should I find amongst the big crowd but Bruce! He'd stopped on his way home from work.

me: "Honey, come look at these!!"

Bruce: "If you want them, go ahead and get them."

me: " Really, how could we put them up with our ceilings?"

Bruce: "I'd find a way."

Yet, like a dummy, I passed and lived to regret it.

In another room, there was this poster, which in 1964 must have really been something!
Timely, right? It must have been the height of glamour circa 1964....not only Eva Gabor but a chance to win 2 Round Trip Tickets to Paris!! They may have been the same year President Johnson came to Orlando, staying at the Cherry Plaza Hotel which is now apartments located on Central Avenue. My booth at the market used to back up to that building!

I went home with nothing that day but I sure could not get those lights out of my head. Meanwhile, at home Mr. Bruce fashioned these for some of the men he worked with last weekend. Any idea what these are?
Hammer holders for a tool apron!! Several men were so wowed by how awesome Bruce's was and being the kindly fellow that he is, he decided to make them some. We'll be going to church in just a little bit and I suspect those men will be very surprised by his gift.

Saturday morning I made an apple cake, some of which I took down the street when I went to see Regina who is doing remarkably well. In fact, she is only using a cane these days!!
Count me surprised but not entirely shocked as she is one tough cookie for 80 years old!! During our conversation, the estate sale came up. She is a great lover of them as well. Convincing me to go back and get the darn lights, I agreed that I'd be so sorry if I did not.

Except when I returned they were gone. According to the workers, a man bought two of them and while doing so, they tried to convince him to by all four. Nope, he was nearly as dumb as me. He came back later to get the other two but they were gone. Seriously, I was so darn mad at myself as it is not everyday you come across such a unique find in pristine condition. I started to leave once again, walking towards the car, I thought, Gail, you kept looking at a set of dishes, don't be a fool twice. And that is the story of how I now am the owner of a set of 1950's dishes from Iroquois China.
We are talking a full set, including a gravy boat, two platters, divided dish, butter dish and all the rest that came with dish sets back in the day. My once colorful kitchen cabinet now looks cool and calm. I'm in love!!

There is a craft fair at church this morning and you know who is one of the participants. It runs until 3 this afternoon. My expectations are low but I guess that's how it's always been. Generally I was surprised by my results, so why not today?

Artist for a day,


p.s. the time has got away from me so no time to edit!!
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