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Let Us Not Forget Handcrafted

For the last two months I've been making gifts in my sewing room. At last count it was 25 items, from large projects to small. Some of them turned out rather well, if I do say so myself, making me wonder if saying they are "homemade" is good enough? What about "handmade"? That sounds more impressive, doesn't it? But, the granddaddy of them all, in this department, is "handcrafted"! Now that sounds downright glorious, as if they were heaven sent! Now, if I just throw in locally sourced...

Seriously, hasn't it gotten sort of out of control? I think so! Now, I'm just hoping my loved ones will feel the love I put into making them. I know I could buy gifts, but where is the fun in that? These are....wait, I've thought of another descriptor...."one of a kind"! Heirloom pieces....

What with all that sewing for other folks, I decided to make a little something for me. Although I purchased the fabric for another project, I just could not resist using the birds for me, and so I made a top. Channeling Anthropologie, I jazzed it up a bit, using a coordinating fabric for the cuffs and yoke. I'm sort of pleased with it. Here's the back, with some crazy digital line across the back, that is most certainly not on the garment!
And here is the front...
Thank goodness for a teeny cold, well, cooler snap, allowing me to wear it today. Otherwise, the days have been insanely hot while the rest of the country is freezing. Before leaving for Dallas Monday morning, Bruce checked the weather this time, packing accordingly. He called, saying it was crazy cold. Going from 85 degrees to 28 will make a body miserable.

When last we met I said we were fortunate enough to be invited to another party..this one was over at Pam and Glenn's lovely home in Southern Oaks. Score for being so close! It was billed as "Souper Sunday" and super soups they were. Plus it was pretty.
Irene made a plate of cookies that were to die for. Oh my gosh...simple, elegant, and delicious.
She used ground almonds instead of the hazelnuts, also omitting the espresso in favor of some almond extract. I'm still dreaming of them. Have I told you before that cookies are my most favorite sweet? I should have.

I got a few of the ladies together for a photo, including Lynn, on the far right, who does not ordinarily wear glasses, so I had her wear mine in the interest of continuity. Doesn't everyone look happy and intelligent? They are.
Irene, second from the left, is Pam's friend who moved here from Portland, OR, six months ago. We've had such fun with sewing talk...her darling dress is, dare I say it, handcrafted!

What with all the sewing of late, my kitchen skills are waning, however, I did make some time to put together some bread dough using this recipe from King Arthur flour. Because we've been out so many nights I needed to use up the dough, so putting it out early this morning, I baked what was left of the dough. It may not look very pretty, but it is tasty enough. Super chewy crust.
I finally emerged from my sewing room long enough to head to Mall at Millenia for some Christmas shopping. We no longer have downtown window displays, but there are some mighty creative ones at the mall. Puffins and purses anyone?
Then there were the headless runners...
Where are the heads, I ask you?

No one beats Neiman Marcus for glamour....
This mannequin!! She gives new meaning to the word, thin.
Aside from the unrealistic thinness of the mannequin, that dress is spectacular! I suspect the outfit, including shoes, bag, jewelry, dress, and wrap costs over $10,000, don't you?

My writing came to a halt as I had my dinner and watched Jeopardy. If you haven't read he story of the winning contestant , now is your chance to read Cindy Stowell's story?  You might have been too busy before, but take a few minutes to click on the link, should you not know about this special woman, and I feel certain you won't be disappointed. I had to miss it for a few nights, so I wasn't sure what was happening, but, by golly, she won again tonight!!

As I was thinking about all the silly verbiage attached to things made at home, my Christmas tree spoke to me. No, I don't have an actual talking Christmas tree, but if I did there would be so many stories to relate. This ornament was made by one of the Radiologist's wife for the people who made his job possible, by taking the x-rays for him to read. I still love it, nearly thirty years later.
I have no idea how she made it, but I'm grateful she did. I cannot remember who made these cute little stockings, which is a shame, but it still makes me happy every year when I unbox them and place the two I have on my tree. The gingerbread man is "homemade" as well.
More recently, a new friend from church, gave me this super cool ornament made by a friend of hers in North Carolina. Who wouldn't fall in love with a polka dot star? This gal sure did.
Rarely do I read the comics in the newspaper, but today this one was highly relatable...the one about the tinsel. Same for some of my older readers?
The Dennis the Menace one was pretty cute as well.

Let's face it, I'm a maker, I always have been, and unless I go blind, I always will be. My friends and family may call my offerings whatever they like!

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