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Lost and Found

Regina called the other day requesting my services. But of course my friend! She is back in the saddle per se, driving, and getting out some, however, her son-in-law insisted she get a Handicapped sign for her car, just in case. Could I take her downtown to get it? You bet! Even better, I needed to go there myself to renew my license tag. Win, win!

It used to be that particular tag office was somewhat of a well kept secret, easy in, easy out. Not so much anymore, although she had an appointment which made it a little less painful. The sweet woman who took care of her, did me a favor, processing my transaction as well. One thing that is so striking is the variety of people that now live in Orlando. For two old timers like ourselves it is a bit bewildering. As such, I suggested we drive by Lake Eola to view the city Christmas tree. In other words, something familiar. She told me a great story about how when her daughter Michelle was a baby, she'd push her around in her stroller at Lake Eola, back when it was not so popular as it is today. I guess the saying, "the only constant in life is change," is truer the older you get!

A few weeks ago, just after Gay Days here in Orlando, I took this photo which I think I never shared on the blog.
It looked really neat from this angle, but in the spirit of the name of my blog, loosely about photography, I had to pull over when I saw it from this angle. Regina waited in the car as I roamed to get the best shot.
I did not have the best lens with me for it, but it was fun being back at my old stomping grounds.
I must have walked this path a thousand times during my eight years at the market.

Speaking of photographs, if I'd tried to set up this shot it never would have happened. Argyle, Regina's dog, has the cutest face, doesn't he? Waiting patiently for his Momma!
Meanwhile, I finally got the tree finished and all the boxes out of the living room. Had someone told me it would take me parts of three days to do it, I'd have thought they were crazy!
Lest you think I've done great with my shopping, think again. The packages are ones Matt wrapped and left here before returning to England! As soon you will see, searching for things around my house was a familiar theme this week. Nancy sent me several ornaments from her trip to Iceland, and try as I might, I could not remember where I put them. As was also a familiar theme, I found them when I was looking for something else! On top of a box of candles I'd purchased for fall, I breathed a happy sigh of relief when I found them. Here's a sweet one, not too unlike several Matt brought home from Iceland.
I suppose if someone asked me if I have a "themed" Christmas tree, I would have to answer, yes I do. It's called a Memories theme! Filled with ornaments from our very first Christmas together, as well as the loads of ornaments we've been given throughout our 43 years of marriage, I love thinking about each person as I hang the ornaments.

Something else I'd been searching for was a quilting book Jonathan and Alissa gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I knew I hadn't thrown it out, but where could it be? I saw a super cute colored pencil case (using that word loosely here, ) online, and it gave me the bright idea to make one myself. Specifically, I wanted to fill it with some pencils that belonged to Bruce's Dad, but where the heck did I put them? Eureka!! I found them in a box of art supplies, and guess what? The quilting book was at the bottom of the box!! A twofer!

It took me what seemed like forever to figure out how to make it, but make it I did.
In the spirit of memories, I'll be sending this to his great granddaughter in Minnesota soon, whom he never had the chance to meet.

I have had the best time learning how to make new things this year. A few years ago I learned how to make bunting, using it to decorate my booth. Since I no longer have a booth, I hung it in my sewing room!
Kind of crazy, but I like it. :)

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild meeting was Wednesday morning; a source of maybe too much inspiration! As we have discussed in this space before, there were updates on the distribution of the Pulse. Did you know that the whole thing started with an Instagram post from Alissa, the President, seated in front of that beautiful quilt?
Little did she know what an impact that simple post would make around the world! While much of the world, and rightly so, has moved on from the Pulse tragedy, our newspaper runs an article almost daily about it. Wednesday morning, in living color, on the front page no less, five members of the Guild were pictured delivering quilts to the Police department!

The lost quilting book? Much to my surprise, the author of said book is the designer of this pattern which just so happened to be on display at the Sewing Studio where the meetings are held!
Turns out she is from Portland, and Irene has met her before! Unreal! Aside from business, there was the usual show and tell featuring some amazing work. Imagine this being your very first quilt that you both designed and pieced?
The woman on the left gave her daughter some graph paper, and off she went! As you can see, these are not your Grandmother's quilts.

This woman is demonstrating how to make what is called a "Y" seam, a difficult skill, to say the least.
The red shirt with the words, "Oh fabric how I love thee" is so funny, and true, for, dare I say, everyone in the room.

It has been somewhat disappointing to see the restaurant not take off as we'd hoped. There are, indeed, all sorts of barriers to overcome, first and foremost, no one in Orlando has ever heard of Earls!. Because we've lived here forever, we are doing what we can to introduce people to the restaurant. Seriously, the space is fantastic, the service superb, and the food, delicious. We think to ourselves, "what is not to like?" Anyway, we've contacted a few people we know who are in marketing and we met one of them last night for dinner, introducing her to the General Manager. It is getting busier, but there is still room for improvement. Head on over to Mall at Millenia and do yourself a favor; walk up the stairs by PF Chang's to see it for yourself. I dare say you will not be disappointed!
I know what you are thinking...she is biased, and perhaps that is true. If you don't believe me however, maybe you will believe these folks!

It is downright chilly this morning...where are some jeans to ward off the cold while I sew?

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