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Let's Motor!

Saturday, the temperature dropped some 30 degrees, finally, winter is making a showing. Finally, too, we were able to use the fireplace, however, with the dining room table now in front of it, Bruce brought a beach chair inside to soak up the warmth.
Friday, on the other hand, was still warm enough for a bike ride. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen the Tabubuea trees flowering in January, however, for most of the trees, including mine, blooms are a long way off.
For some of the week I'd been working on a half rectangle block for a mostly green quilt. Here is how you place the pieces, sewing down either side of the line, followed by cutting through that same line, to make the rectangles. 
Having made it, I now know why most folks don't make this block very often because it is fraught with error possibilities, of which I made many. It would be easy to tell you that I made this quilt very small because I planned to hand quilt it, but seriously, that would be a lie. Truth is, it just didn't turn out very well. Nonetheless, I generally finish what I start, so hand quilting it will be.
I was super excited that it was turning cold, not just because I was sick and tired of sweltering, but because I could now wear the beautiful blue sweater Bruce gave me for my birthday. What to wear with it? Rummaging through my fabric drawers, I discovered a pretty print with just the right shade of blue. Finally, a skirt that fits, unlike two others I've made of late. I did, however, have to run up to Wal Mart for a zipper, and just before I was to head out the door, look what was walking down our street!
Pretty much always a cold front is preceded by rainfall, and that we had, both Friday night, and most of Saturday. Because I had the zoom lens on my camera, and the peacock neighborhood is on the way to WalMart, I thought I might see how much those babies were growing. Well, there were peacocks aplenty! In very different stages of plumage I might add. Such vibrancy what with the wet feathers...
Sorry, there are a number of peacock photos upcoming...I cannot resist their beauty!
So, I said there was an abundance of peacocks, and in this tree alone, there were 13. This must be one of the parents, as the feathers are all intact. I stopped counting at 60!
Finally, there are a lot of astonishing things in nature, with a male peacocks "train" being one of them.
Saturday was good, but oh my, was Sunday better! Following church we were feeling great, having helped take down the Christmas decorations in the sanctuary. Slowly, we are making a place for ourselves. Leaving the parking lot, I asked B if he wanted to take a look at Fields because we were already so close? Sure, why not? Just like I had Jon boy take my photo to show off the sweater Matt made for me, so too, I had Bruce take my photo wearing the beautiful blue sweater because, well, I think you will like it as well. 
Super vibrant and pretty. Well, pretty much like the peacocks above, right? 

We roamed around looking at the used vehicles, with B focusing his attention on the X3, a small SUV. Unlike the other dealership, there were several to choose from, so that was good. What turned out to be even better, after meeting the "client advisor" Hugh, was the one we really liked was still available. The test drive was good, the sale was made. The delivery, after new tires are put on, should be on Thursday. While we were chatting, I mentioned that the reason Bruce was getting that type of vehicle is because we were planning on trading in the Pilot for a MINI. 

Now if you've never driven a MINI it is probably hard to understand the fascination with such a tiny vehicle, but once you have, you get it. Using the handy search on my blog, here is where I wrote about giving up my last MINI eight years ago. 

Back to the here and now, Hugh mentioned he'd taken a 2014 MINI in on trade during the week, would we like to see it? The previous owners only put 17,000 miles on it, trading it in for a bigger vehicle, now that they have a baby. 

Absolutely, let's see it.  And so we did, and now we have parted ways with the Honda family!!! 
Is this awesome, or what?? Here's the front, with the cute bonnet stripes (MINI speak).
We brought it home last evening, nearly dark it was, so I could not wait until the sun rose this morning allowing me to get some photographs. Here it is from the back with a super funky spoiler.
The previous post I linked to was actually when I leased the Honda Element, which ultimately proved not to be large enough. I noticed that I wrote about it being a funky car, and perhaps that is why I so longed for one again after driving such a gigantic boring vehicle these last four years. Don't get me wrong, a Honda Pilot is an excellent vehicle if you need something large, I just don't happen to need one any longer. That said, the MINI is pretty darn tiny, and I can't wait to drive it!! Here is the, cute as a button, interior.
As a matter of fact, I think I will just go motor a bit! 

Excited as I can be,


p.s. As I was looking out the glass door to see if it was light enough for photographs, I hollered out to Bruce...come quick, there is an otter running down the street!! Yup, an otter. Looks as if he was running from Lake Jennie Jewell at the end of our street, running across our driveway and front yard, continuing to Lake Gem Mary, three doors down from our front door. Fast, too. Remarkable!!
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