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A Haircut, a House for Sale, and Fathers Day Too

Remember that big-haired blogger from the last post? She is now a sleek bobbed blogger thanks to Monica's expert work on Friday afternoon.
I can assure you, I was not able to style it perfectly this morning, however, I was not too far off, which is a huge relief. Seriously, every time I tell her I'm never going to make it happen, and most times I'm right, but she explained it is all in the cut this time. Speaking of cut, claiming it is more hair than she has on her head, Monica insisted I photograph this mass of hair, including a large amount of from using the thinning shears. Merely genetics, I have some gray hair, but not much, but it sure shows up in this pile, doesn't it?
Gray hair is so weirdly stiff and unruly, or at least that is how it is on my head! Folks with thin hair wish they had more, and thick haired folks like myself wish I had less!

Woo hoo, ceilings done, along with most of the paint. Most, because they have to return for the baseboards once Scott finishes sometime either at the end of this week, or early next. I am so loving the paint colors.
I wish I could say I picked them out all by myself, but that would be a lie. Spending countless hours on the web, I came across this post, knowing  absolutely nothing about Libby Langdon. Have you ever heard of her? Anyway, looking around my current home, I decided not to reinvent the wheel, choosing the same colors, only in different shades and tones. To tell you the truth, I probably would have never chosen the yellow or green from the rack, however, I decided to take a chance, and I'm so glad that I did. Using the back of the Ancient Marble (green) color, the bedroom, trim, ceilings and the accent wall were all colors chosen by Sherwin Williams folks to go together. The yellow in the kitchen scared me a little bit when I'd only painted a bit of it, but overall, Libby Langdon is right when she described Convivial Yellow as soft and serene. Not well pictured here, due to lack of adequate lighting, soon there will be some light, and I hope it glows. Now to pick out a fixture.
Depending on how things go in the next two weeks, we may put off any kitchen renovations, such as painting the cabinets, new appliances, that sort of thing, until we return from Canada. Scott is working over there now, having chipped out all of the tile in the living and kitchen yesterday, today he's tackling the carpet and baseboards. Before we know it, the wood will be going down.

Meanwhile on the house selling front, things have not gone exactly swimmingly. Much to our complete surprise, during the three hour home inspection Thursday morning, they found a wet spot inside the garage, and the buyers are using that to their advantage. Suffice it to say that I am not a big fan of the real estate profession, mostly theirs! He had the absolute gall to write in an email that we had not upgraded the kitchen, which will probably rile up any longtime Camera Crazy reader as well. What? Three solid weeks of carpentry work and painting does not count? I won't bore you with all of the details, but as of last night, around 10 PM, they still want to go through with the sale if we agree to giving them back more money. I suppose it is our long held belief that if you can fix it with money do so; thus we agreed to most of their terms. The appraisal guy came this morning which is our next hurdle.

On a happier note, Bruce, although not exactly thrilled with the size of the storage closet, has made it a "tiny shop." He loves those "tiny houses" shows!
With tiny being the operative word, he brought over a cabinet he'd made years ago, topping it with the Mahogany tool chest he also made years ago. Note the old cross stitch, done by you know who.
I took this photograph Saturday evening (or so I think),
but it looks even better now after he installed more shelving above the pictured one. A storage unit, just down the road, has been secured, because even though we are not big accumulators, we definitely have more than we can store at the condo.

The rain has been mostly constant, filling the lake up nicely.
David came up with the brilliant idea of having a cookout at our home for Father's Day for a last hurrah. Much reminiscing about the memories made in this charming house.  Bill and David love their proteins, so we had shrimp, prepared by Bill, seen cleaning it here.
David, manned the grill for part of the time. What? You did not know we had a grill? Of course you didn't because we never use it! Too unpredictable for me.
Peppers, onions, and shrimp...
The shrimp came out beautifully,
as did the corn on the cob.
Those pans don't look great, but I"ll tell you what...they are some of my most used pans in the kitchen.

I hated to mess up my hair, but on the other hand I was thrilled there were a few hours of sunshine, so I finally got to get in the pool which felt wonderful. That would be my towel on the empty chair.
Still eating steak and chicken those Peck men were. Following our meal, Bill and I played a little Yahtzee tournament, as in three games. I have NEVER once rolled three Yahtzees in a game, but by golly, I did just that in our first game! Amazing win over Bill, followed by a one point (!) win by Bill over me. Sadly, he also won the third game by a larger margin. Super fun times!

Good news on the Plano front...the restaurant is attracting huge numbers!

There will be house updates in the near future which I'm praying are all positive!

yours truly,

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