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Getting our Feet Wet

Hello there!
How awesome is having a rug to tell you what day of the week it is? Traveling for so long, we began getting confused about the day of the week so I was delighted to find this in the Pan Pacific elevator. Clever, don't you think?

Yesterday afternoon, following the blogging session, I did some roaming around, discovering how beautiful this area of the city is.
One thing we will have to get accustomed to is stairs, and lots of them! Way at the bottom of this photograph is the sea wall walk which is quite long from what I gather. Because it has been so warm and sunny, loads of folks were out enjoying the clear weather. How lucky for us to arrive at this time. Imagining months of gray weather is not thrilling, but I'm bound and determined to not complain. Remind me of that in November, will you?
I mentioned before that there are all manner of folks everywhere I turn...
I told Bruce that the people on the cruise ships are watching us, as we watch them!
In front of the hotel it seems as if only one busker is allowed at a time, in this instance, look down the street a bit and you will see an older gentleman in a light shirt playing a harmonica.
He's leaning a bit forward as he belts out tunes that range from, "How Great Thou Art" to "It's a Small World. Baxter and I were sitting on the same white chairs you see, waiting for Bruce to find some dinner as we've yet to find a restaurant that allows dogs. And can you blame them? I don't. We find ourselves apologizing for having a dog with us to anyone who will listen.

This is the ground floor of the hotel that Baxter is having to traverse to find a place outdoors to pee. Everywhere you turn, folks are taking photographs.
Bruce and I have been taking turns at breakfast, enjoying the sturdy flatware, in my case, the beautiful teapot, and cloth napkins, all things we've missed for the last two weeks.
So, this morning, we drove across two bridges to go to an Earls in Richmond. If I knew what to call the community I would tell you, but so far I do not. What I do know is that the airport is nearby.
Bruce went to check on some water damage to arrange for some repairs. From there we drove back into Vancouver proper to go to the office which is just inside Chinatown, a very vibrant part of the city.
As we drove across the Granville Street Bridge, I took this shot of what I think is our building.
The tall one in the front with the rooftop tree.

We arrived at lunchtime which was nice because some of the young women allowed me to tag along to a nearby restaurant to get take out. Everyone was so nice to me, which I know will make all of our friends happy to learn. Bruce in his new office.
Everyone will also be thrilled to learn that, indeed, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and in this case I mean all three of us! Baxter in particular has adapted amazingly to all twelve places we've stayed, learning to jump curbs, walk on big rocks, elevators and escalators, as well as revolving doors. To date he's lived a sheltered life, but boy how his horizon has expanded!

This afternoon, while Bruce worked and Baxter slept (thankfully about Baxter!), I set out to find the Nordstrom, my favorite department store, located on Granville Street and Robson. Our daughter-in-law, Michelle, would have gone crazy in their shoe department.
Along the way, I came across the Cactus Club, another restaurant group owned by one of the Fuller family that owns Earls.
Then too, I came across a food truck advertising "Japanese-style hot dogs."
Who knew this was even a cuisine item?

My poor Keds were a mess, so I decided to get a new pair of shoes to use for my upcoming walking days in the city. Can we say Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Not to mention, when I looked in my wallet, I found a Nordstrom card that turned out to be a $50 credit so, with the exchange rate, I made out very well. These sweet folks not only helped me with my purchase, but we had a very good chat as well. The young man on the right has been to Orlando multiple times and is in love with Universal Studios.
And now it is time to go in search for some dinner...

Tomorrow is moving in day. I will keep you posted.

yours truly,

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