Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Road Ahead

A whole lot has changed since last we sold a home, so it was a surprise to us that we would sign the closing papers on one day, and the buyers would sign on the next day. As fate would have it, our realtor Lynn was on her yearly vacation, so her partner Ann stepped in for her. We met at a title company downtown...
and within about thirty minutes, we began the moving on process. We both thought it was so weird to not have the buyers there, in fact it didn't even feel real, but apparently that is how it is done in 2017. Although we gave Ann most of the keys, I still had one, and technically the house was still ours, so I made one last trip over to check on the pool, and bring up a garbage can. I cooked many a meal in this now spotless kitchen...
I took one last photo of the MINI in our driveway before saying goodbye to a third of our lives together.
If you are a long time reader you may recall picking out the paint color, and what I put myself through for that! The windows, the blue door, it all belongs to other folks now as of Friday afternoon at 4:30PM.

 Meanwhile back at the condo the birdies have been good...the owl was nowhere to be found this morning, but one of them has been around for several days prior.
The ducklings are growing up...
and just this morning a Snowy Egret showed up for a photo shoot.
Although I got rid of a whole bunch of stuff, this was not something I could part with. A tiny little journal of our first trip across the country, and interestingly enough, the timing is pretty darn close, at least the month is. The year was 1977.
Another page in this notebook details every time we filled up with gas. The total for 2,500 miles? $81.00! I suspect we'll spend nearly that much by our second day, don't you?

This post is written in great haste as the day has somehow slipped away...Bruce is anxiously awaiting my completion, so he may find a place for my computer. I really want my sewing machine with me, but I HAVE to take my computer else will we stay in touch?

Wish us luck as we leave bright and early in the morning for a GRAND ADVENTURE...or so we hope!!

yours truly,


p.s. I will try and blog along the way but no promises!

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