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A Whole Lot of Knobs

Before we get into the knob story, I have something to confess. I am dumb with a capital D. What did I do now? Well, Sunday afternoon, while at the pool, our friend Carolyn Reinike offered to pull David behind their ski boat on his paddleboard. I decided I might like to do the same. First, however, was David's turn, and he made it look very easy.
Next up was Mom who has not stood up on a paddleboard for two years, so why she thought she could do so is a mystery. Wishful thinking perhaps. Anyway, I gave it a go, but try as I might, I could not bring myself to stand up.
Carolyn was gentle with me, going fairly slow which gave me the idea that I could manage to move outside the wake for fun. Then this happened.
Actually, this is after I managed to pull myself back on the board after crashing off. One more go of it,
and I'd had all the fun any 65 year old needs to have on a lazy Sunday afternoon in July. So riding wasn't the dumb part. The dumb part was not standing up because…

The Finish Line is in Sight!

The dishes piled up, but at least we ate, albeit very much out of our regular time slots.
We most definitely like to keep a bit of a schedule, and oftentimes it amazes me how people eat at all times of the day. I suppose we're old-fashioned? We also go to bed about the same time every night, unless, of course, we get sucked into a show on Netflix, like Ozark, which is very hard to quit watching. I was saying to Bruce that those types of shows are like reading a good book that you just can't put down. Do you agree?

Back to the magic of caulk, here's a better shot of how it works wonders as Bruce is making his way around the room.
And so it began, the rolling of the walls that about did me in. This is a large room, I think something like 14x17 feet, and as I neared the finish line on the second coat, my arms were feeling it. Honestly, I wanted to quit, but how were we to finish with that sort of attitude? Bruce was the one getting off and on a ladder to paint the new crown m…


Thank you to all who commented on the paint scheme. Throw all that out the window friends because, well, things have changed. Not drastically, but thanks to these two young ladies at Sherwin Williams, we've got a new paint scheme. I went in and said, HELP! With my fabric swatch in hand, I explained that I'd chosen Waterloo for an accent wall, but nothing I tried with it worked. The young lady, pictured on the left, knew me as soon as I said I was a blogger and asked if I could I take her photo. I've done it before, or so it seems.
The young woman on the right is in training and seemed to learn from our conversation. After several ideas, we settled on SW Tidewater for the walls. Still I wasn't completely sold, so we chose a different deep blue, well, because we could. Actually, since I had painted the whole thing with a tiny brush, it was going to need to be repainted anyway, so maybe my original choice of Waterloo was the problem. I did love that color but it was defin…

You Just Never Know

Here's a newsflash---I put on makeup this afternoon! And just how long have you been without, you ask? The short answer is, far too long. The truth is, between the heat and just plain laziness, I've been looking not great lately. I wanted to look better for my darling husband when he returns from his church work. Let's see if he notices!

And while church is taking up a lot of his time, he still managed to finish this for our living room and I could not be happier with the color. Or having the television hanging on the wall.  I can't wait to show Roger, over at Ace, a photograph. Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a link to my last post in case you missed it.
Speaking of which, have I told you that I'm an administrator for the Lake Pineloch Village Community facebook page? From that involvement I have learned a lot about engagements, page views, reactions, and what have you, all related to whatever I post. For my personal page, I am not privy to a…