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Surfer Girl

The trip yesterday was great. The drive over was easy, the weather spectacular, and I got a few good shots. Mind you, there were people on the beach with these massive cameras and lenses who looked at me as if I were a nobody--little do they know I am a somebody. Seriously, a few made comments about my small camera, but I just smiled saying you might be surprised at what interesting photos I can take with it. One thing that REALLY helped was the tripod. I am still learning which levers do what, so I'm sure I look pretty dorky, but what the heck--I just keep practicing. When I picked Bruce up at the job site he asked me if I got any shots of girl surfers, I told him it was only a contest for guys. Lo and behold, when I uploaded the pictures what should I find but a girl surfer. What happened is that there were a large group of surfers to the left of the competition site which I ended up concentrating on who were pretty far out there in wet suits so their sex was indeterminate from afar. After a bit I realized that I'd been so tense trying to get the shots that my hand was a bit stiff. Of course, I took a gazillion shots, including the inevitable wipe outs, but the fact of the matter is that I only need one good one. Mission accomplished.

I was super excited to find Dodgertown in Vero Beach this trip. Some of you may know that is the home for the last 50+ years of the spring training site for the Dodgers. They moved there when they were still the Brooklyn Dodgers but are planning to move to Arizona in the next year or so. People are really good to me (for the most part) when I'm out and about and this was no exception. The personnel let me roam the stadium taking as many photos as I cared to. This was of special interest because our Jonathan is a HUGE fan of the Dodgers. Typically I send him a photo of the day--in this case, lots of photos.

Returning home there were a few messages on the machine, one of a serious nature. As it turns, out our dear Maureen was in an accident. You remember that she just had her car stolen--now it is totaled. Breathe a sigh of relief that she was not terribly injured. Irony of ironies, in a metro area of about two million people, the driver of the school bus (ran a red light) lives only five houses down from Maureen. The accident occurred on her way home from work about six miles from home. Is that weird, or what? Furthermore, she was to be leaving for a business trip to California today, obvs. not happening, including a visit with our sister Carol in Beverly Hills. I checked on her this morning, aside from some soreness, she is as well as can be expected. What can go wrong next?

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