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When I first got a MINI, nearly five years ago, people constantly asked me questions about it, mostly regarding how small it is. I used to tell folks don't get a MINI Cooper unless you're willing to chat with strangers. Through the years that attention faded a bit as more Coopers were seen on the road. Lately it has begun again--I don't have to explain what question people ask nowadays, especially at the gas station.

On Saturday I visited two homes near me, both with wonderful gardens tended by their master gardener owners. This one is taken at my first stop, the home of a retired Humanities professor from Valencia. I saw this bloom last year, falling in love with the wonderful shade of red. Turns out it is a type of gladiola tinged with white. I suppose it reminds me a bit of my sewing days when we would add contrasting piping to add interest to a collar. Lovely dahlias, and other captivating blooms filled her back yard. Naturally I neglected to apply bug spray resulting in you know what. At the next home they asked me right off if I wanted to apply some and I hastily consented. That said, I got a bite on the side of my neck which multiplied in size by tenfold by later in the evening.

Aside from mosquito bites the one thing about this new life of mine that isn't great is hardly ever getting to chat with my boys. Boys Gail? Yes, they will always be my boys no matter how many years go by. Anyway, Jonathan called on the way home from the market and I couldn't talk long, first because I'm opposed to chatting while driving, secondly, we were having company straight from the market. After apologizing to Jonathan for being "out and about" he responded that "he'd come to expect it." When we arrived home I saw that Matt called via the iChat, a little later he called via the old fashioned telephone. Because of the company I didn't get to chat with him either. Conflicting schedules and time differences make it hard to keep up with one another. Sometimes it makes me nostalgic for the days when we all sat around the dinner table, chatting, discussing, and being a big family. Then again, sometimes it doesn't. The laundry, the cooking, the shopping!

Bill and LeAnne visited the market yesterday. I am pleased to say that they were pretty excited about my booth. They gave me a little feedback on how things looked from a distance, how people might perceive it, and the visibility of my pricing. As we've discussed in the past, I listen to young people, most of the time acting accordingly.

My old jr. high school classmate came as well. It was very fun meeting her and her husband. If you can imagine, he works for SunTrust in the same department as David, just another territory. He's had some dealings with David recently, proving that the world is indeed a small place.

While my visitors were there it was a bit slow, fortunately picking up later on. While nothing was selling I was just fine; in the last couple of days I realized how humbled I should feel that people actually want to purchase my vision of the world and place it in their homes, often prominently. That really is an amazing thing when I take the time to think about it.

Have I been a lucky lady or what?

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