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Rainy Day Musings

This is a picture of Kathy, the vendor next to me, from Sunday's market album. Every week I photograph the market doings for Dana as I've probably already told you. I'd put my camera away during the worst of it, but realized this picture of Kathy would tell the story of Sunday perfectly. This puddle is in front of my booth, so now you can see for yourself what I meant. Torrential storms again this afternoon.

The MINI now has a new front tire to the tune of $315. I won't belabor the tire saga, hopefully this will be the end of it.

Here's something I learned from Matt during our chat--the project he's working on in London is monumentally costly (lots of millions) for the firm. As well, he was to give a 3.5 hour presentation to 50 people from around the globe today, which as I type, is I'm sure a past success. I quizzed him on specifics (imagine that!); he brushed aside my awe over the fact that he won't need notes.

Jonathan continues to do stellar work at his job for which I'm so grateful. Those who know our Jon boy know that he's super smart, but he prefers digital gadgets to most everything else. To know that he's exceeding their wildest expectations makes a momma down right proud. His growing area of expertise is a bit hard to understand, but his efforts are culminating in a glowing press release for his firm. Imagine that?

I don't worry too much about the bookends (Matt & Jonathan), but it's the ones in the middle that are living challenging lives presently. Both Bill, and Dave, work for banks. As Bill reminded me yesterday afternoon, the banking business is in shambles. Severe stress + Bill + Dave = potential disaster. Other than that, I hardly know what to say. Plunging stock prices must make every day miserable for David. Actually, most of the time he's trying to stay positive, but Lord knows, it can't be easy.

Bruce is off to the Northeast this week with stops in Connecticut, New York, and Erie, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, lots of driving is involved between plane trips making for another killer week.

As for the photography business this weeks developments so far are a donation opportunity for a major fund raising event, and of all things, a possible newspaper interview. Today I received an e-mail from a marketing person for Photoshelter, the stock photography site I'm on. She wondered if I'd be willing to be interviewed for the newspaper (yes, that dreadful rag) regarding an event to be held Sunday. They are calling it Shoot! the day and photographers around the world will be shooting specifically for that project. Apparently, after I agreed, she gave him my contact information; I suppose we'll see if he calls.

The donation thing always has the potential to be a good thing. Maria, who did the real estate staging with my photography, was the winning bid on my last donation. All opportunities are welcome around here!

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