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Just Another Tuesday

Well, in some ways it was, in other ways, not so much. Over the weekend we took the plunge into the big television waters purchasing an LCD 40". I'm sure I need not tell you that it is an HD set. After some initial struggles getting it going we quickly realized that without the HD box the potential beautiful picture was nowhere in sight. This afternoon the cable technician came with not only the box, but the capability of programming the remote! I am terribly challenged when it comes to most things like this, so I was very appreciative. The sad thing is that I may have mentioned that our old tv was not working well, thus we finally broke down to replace it. Guess what? The bad picture, and out of sync video and audio were caused by a FAULTY outdoor cable which will be replaced tomorrow! He tells me the new cable will speed up our computers as well, always a good thing. Remember the couple we gave the dining room furniture to? Bruce suggested we give it to them, but I said I'd hate to give them something that didn't work that great which he agreed with. It got dropped off at Goodwill--a perfectly good television. :(

Well, how do you like the new curtains (unfortunately I had to resort to the flash so the color isn't exactly what I would like to show)? The previous ones were a very bland beigy (I know, not a real word but you get the idea) color giving the room no pop. Now it's got pop to spare!

Last evening Mr. Roger came over to go over the inventory sheets making suggestions on what to order. When photographers stop at my booth they frequently say they would love to do what I'm doing. I gently remind them that there is so much more to it than just taking photographs people like. Actually, aside from the rigors of setting up and taking down the booth, the hardest part is picking images that may appeal to someone. So far I've been pretty lucky with some of my choices. I've given him more than 200 different images, well over 200, now that I think of it. Some have met with success, some are duds. As such I have to take a loss on those that fail to find an audience. I've been very surprised at some that people buy over and over. When I first began, having never sold anything but a brief stint with Tupperware, a vendor with a history in retail told me that when you think you have it figured out, YOU DON'T. In retail terms--a sale is born.

Seriously, what it means to me is taking a loss, stripping the canvas from the frame (actually Mr. R. does that), and either going with a proven winner or taking another leap of faith. Because he's been doing this for about five years now he has a notion about what will sell. As such, I listen to his advice, mull it over, and make my choices. Sometimes I agree with him, sometimes not.

A somewhat disjointed chat with Matt yesterday afternoon (the faulty cable perhaps?). He looked so handsome! You know my dreadful memory but I think he said he was seeing Madonna on Thursday--as if you care what actual day it is. You only care that he'll be among those standing on the field at Wembly Stadium, grooving to the beat. I told you he was our man out and about in London. There was a great New Yorker cartoon: My memory is fine--I'm living in the present! Indeed.

Hurricane Ike seems to be on the loose in the Gulf--no threat to Orlando. Because of the dire predictions late last week Bruce changed his travel schedule, flying out tomorrow to God knows where. I don't know how he keeps all the details of ten jobs in his head; I can't even remember where they are!

I'm scouring the World Wide Web for a mother of the groom gown to compliment peach, long, and in a size 0. The old slogan for phone books was--"let your fingers do the walking"; that is one slogan that can move right into the age of the internet.

This concludes our regularly scheduled programming for today my friends.

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