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A Time Remembered

Many people my age vividly recall the moment we were told that President Kennedy was killed, although I'm not among them. Sometimes my bad memory saddens me, other times I shrug it off. I do however remember September 11, 2001 vividly.

You've been reading long enough to know that Bruce's typical schedule is to fly out on Tuesday mornings, returning on Thursday nights. What he's doing now is extremely atypical. On occasion he begrudgingly flew out on Mondays; thank God that is what he did the week of September 10.

In my former life I had a surgical case scheduled at 8:30 most mornings. This procedure, called a breast needle localization, is used to guide the surgeon doing a biopsy on a suspicious area that can not be felt. It was my job to place the area under a paddle with a cut out, x-ray it precisely, and assist not only the patient, but the radiologist, who first placed a needle in position, followed by a thin wire to be removed in surgery. Although it was not terribly painful the procedure often caused the patient enormous anxiety which I tried to allay. As such, once I would expose a film someone outside my door would take it to the darkroom developing it and showing it to the radiologist to decide if the position was perfect. At all times I remained with the patient, chatting, patting, and in general trying to provide the easiest experience possible.

That particular day my boss Dave, who was known as a jokester, was doing the running for my case. When I opened the door slightly to hand it out he told me about the planes. I was sure he was making it up, although now that I think about it, how could he have? Naturally when it was discovered it was true the hospital was abuzz. Many patients did not show up for the later appointments that day and those who did could talk of nothing else.

Our department phone began to ring with all of the Peck boys wanting reassurance that their dad was fine, and so he was. Remember the scare that other planes might go down? One consequence Bruce faced was not being able to get home later in the week. I think he finally found an airport that was still running on maybe Friday? On that aspect I'm sketchy, but I do know he had some serious driving to do to find an airport. I believe at one point he thought about driving home from Iowa. My how times have changed. One of the girls I worked with lost a former sister in law when the World Trade Centers went down. Just writing about it pains me to think of all the lives forever changed.

On today's agenda:
Teeth cleaning
Cable guy who actually came
Lawn guys continue the yard transformation
Trip to City Hall to deliver cd with pictures

There have been dramatic rainstorms all afternoon, flooding many streets, and filling our pool to the overflow stage. It continues as I type.

I'm cooking for myself tonight--if you can imagine, I've got a roast chicken in the oven which is nearly ready. I've stuffed it with fresh rosemary, thyme, a quartered lemon, and half an onion. Wish you were here to share.

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