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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Gentle readers please forgive my absence, however some of you might just be thinking, "thank goodness she hasn't posted in days, it is all too much." For those I will skip the apologies, for others who missed me, I'm sorry. The days have been jam packed since we last met.

Let's see, where were we? Oh yes, the Magic game. Well, we now know how the other half does it. Pulling up within yards of the entrance, we find our designated parking spot, #53. A special entrance with a red carpet is our next surprise. We are warmly welcomed and shown the way to "Blue", a private dining room with a sumptuous buffet. After our meal we made our way into the arena through the same entrance the team uses, and on to our seats courtside opposite the Magic bench. While eating we saw one of the former players that, back in the day, was a favorite of the boys--Nick Anderson. I'd know that smile anywhere.

Saturday was a series of miscues and misunderstandings. What I thought would be a simple dropping off of two framed prints to the gallery for Thursday's show turned out to be a comedy of errors. Suffice it to say that in the end it all worked out.

And then of course there was the long awaited wedding shower. Mom Peck arrived at 3:30, followed by Ruth and Maureen. Here's a photo of us taken by Bruce in the kitchen before leaving the house:

That is Ruth on the left, yours truly, Maureen and my mother in law.

Arriving at the restaurant late, we were early. Once everyone was there, including the bride, the party began and what a lovely party it was. Michelle received loads of wonderful gifts, there were no stupid games, and best of all we met some great people. Lest I forget, the food was delicious including a beautiful cake and spumoni. Here is yet another picture of me with LeAnne on my left, and Michelle in her shower regalia on my right.

Laura took this one with my camera, outfitted with a Speedlight borrowed from Roger.

We met both the junior bridesmaid and the flower girl, Madisyn. Yes, that is Madisyn with a y, as she sassily pointed out to us. She is in second grade and loaded with personality; I was really taken by her. I told her I was David's mom, and she asked, "who is David?" My reply, "you know, the guy Michelle is marrying?" Isn't her skin to die for?

Sunday was the market and although there were more people walking through than we've seen in ages, there were few sales. Unfortunately the dismal sales went for all the vendors, some of whom really count on the income for their living. The event that increased the crowds was the Gay Pride parade which marches on the street next to us. Bruce came a little earlier in the afternoon to free me up for picture taking of the festivities. They really know how to liven up a parade!

Monday found me accompanying Bruce while he made his site visit to The Villages. If I don't do that, I hardly ever get to see him. Actually I roam around while he's working but you get the idea. The weather was rainy in the afternoon allowing me to skip the time share market, instead I made a web album of shower pictures for Michelle and her family.

And now it is Tuesday morning. Bruce has left for his trip, the dog is walked (by our neighbor's son--another story all together), and I'm getting ready for my weekly trip to the museum. If you were thinking I'm a lucky gal, you would be right.

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