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Fully Recovered

I think by the time you read this I will be fully recovered from the weekend. To say that it was hot and humid is an understatement. Poor Judy--the two shows when she's been my assistant have been the most miserable weather wise. Baldwin Park was unbearably hot, and now Winter Springs, unbearably humid. Anyone who has ever visited Florida knows that the humidity is the worst, like being surrounded by a wet blanket. Danny and Lisa came by in the morning for a short visit--the heat was bothering them both, which says a lot because Danny was a fireman for over twenty years--he knows heat! He is recovering from the surgery, slowly but surely.

The final sales came to $770 which is not too bad considering we've just gone through one of the worst weeks as far as economic news is concerned. What is often so interesting is that some people will scan through every print, chatting about the ones they like, and spending some time in the booth before leaving without a purchase. Others will walk up and sometimes without any conversation say, I'll buy that. Such was the case with the graffiti canvas that I brought yesterday. Mr. Roger was kind enough to print a new one for me on Saturday night and I'm certainly glad he did. A woman, whom I didn't even hardly say so much as hello to, walked up with her American Express and said she'd take it. Was I surprised--you bet, was I delighted--affirmative!

Judy was kind enough to stay until all was packed and ready for the drive home, an unbelievably nice gesture. With her help the tear down went very smoothly, and obviously quicker. What kept us moving as fast as the heat would allow was an impending rainstorm which caught us on the way home. All is dry now.

If you can imagine I'm heading out to the time share later today. They are changing the time of the market, coordinating it with their weekly welcome party, and putting us right in the path of the attendees. Hopefully there will be foreign tourists with money who are getting our products for cheap!

It is another bad Monday in the stock market--my heart sinks for Dave. He is somewhat philosophical about the whole thing, but you know that moms never like to see their children suffer, no matter what the age.

Speaking of which, the other day I found another letter from one of my children. This one was from Jonathan, dated 1999. He described how I had hurt his feelings deeply which saddened me. After reading it, I couldn't help but think how hard it is to be a parent, something that until you go through it (like lots of stuff) you can never imagine. Suppose your child lives at home until age 21 which is not unheard of these days, you will have spent around 7,665 days trying to do the right thing, not to mention washing their clothes and feeding them. That is a lot of time for tempers to flare, mistakes to be made, accusations of unfairness and the like. Lest it sound like it is all bad, there are lots of days filled with happiness and warmth, but somehow we forget those moments and remember the not so good.

My response to that find was an email apologizing for what he perceived as meanness on my part. He wrote back that I was forgiven. Now that email is the correspondence of choice, it makes me nostalgic for paper. When I come across letters from Matt detailing college life at Florida State I can relive those days. I long for paper and pen.

BTW--I got an email from Saks advertising BOGO--a trend is spotted.

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