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Countdown to a Wedding

Finally, as promised, the outfit. As I mentioned on Tuesday, I still need a handbag which hopefully I'll find maybe today? It is totally time to get serious about this folks. If you've got any suggestions, or comments about the outfit, now is the time to speak up.

I began to do some cleaning yesterday for the rehearsal dinner and our houseful of guest arriving next week. Because Bruce and I make so little mess, our home is usually neat, but super clean it is not. Serious dusting is usually what is ignored, especially in the guest room. It was really kind of fun because I looked at the pinewood derby cars that Bruce so lovingly built for his sons. They are lined up on a shelf along with other mementos including photos from Laura's wedding. As I type this I just realized I'll need to do something with the closet. I store my dresses in there leaving no room for Jonathan and Alissa to hang anything up. Of course if I could get Bill and Dave to get their stuff out of that date, a futile effort on my part. Speaking of closets, Jonathan's old animee and manga stuff fills the closet in what is now my office. Hopefully he'll make time while here to deal with that. He has always been a saver, now however, the time is right to make a clean sweep.

The past. That is what I spent my non-cleaning time with yesterday afternoon. I had to shut Baxter out of the room (he loves to grab things from the floor) as I sorted through three shoe boxes full of pictures of the Peck family past. I use that as a general term because not only did I find photos of our immediate family, I found photos of all the names you've come to know. The cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. There are event and holiday photos galore. Swim meets, baseball games, volleyball tournaments, Thanksgiving and Christmas make up a large portion of them. Unlike today's parents with digital cameras, whom I suspect capture their childrens every move, film cost money that we did not have in abundance. Our different decors, which at the time I thought were so great, looked hopelessly outdated. The red shag carpet in Bill and David's first room was especially bad. Now that came with the house, and money was very tight, so it stayed for years. Lots of homemade clothes in those days too.

During Bill and Dave's first year Bruce and I had one date. With all the family either too far away, or busy with their own children, we couldn't afford to pay a babysitter. My, those were days of struggle, but look where it has all ended up. We are so blessed to have our sons who have all made their way in this crazy world. And now Mr. Dave is getting married next Saturday to a very sweet girl who is crazy about him. Michelle's mother mailed me photos of her growing up, and after all that sorting I've chosen ones of David. It was remarkably hard to find ones of just him because, as has always been the case, and still is, for that matter, the twins are inseparable. Yes, they were in different classes all through their schooling, but there is something about being an identical twin that the rest of us can't really understand. They still talk on the phone multiple times a day! One of our favorite photos of Dave is him flexing his muscles when he is about seven, something he still does to this day. I was terrible about writing on the back so telling who was who also presented a challenge.

I've finished scanning all the photos, now I have to figure out how to put them on a DVD that will play during the rehearsal dinner. That is today's project; I've never made a DVD so it could take all day, but let's hope not.

While at the museum on Tuesday I came across this beautiful sight:

As it turns out there was an Indian wedding at the museum on Saturday which according to Karen was as opulent as can be with 350 guests. The huge canopy situated near this birdbath had these gorgeous bouquets festooned on the corners. I'm here to tell you that the quality of the flowers was breathtaking. I can't imagine why it was left on the ground beside the birdbath filled with perfect red rose petals. What was so amazing is that it still looked so beautiful after several days outdoors. Apparently the groom arrived on a snow white Stallion. Oh how I wish I'd been there to see it!

Time to get to work my dears.

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