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I Never Meant to Be Away for So Long

Gentle readers, to answer your questions as to where I've been, the response is, selling. Those of you who have been with me along this journey can't imagine that I'm doing the things I'm doing--neither can I! This is the second time I've done the Darden Craft Fair and oh my was it better than last year. Between Fiesta in the Park, two days at Darden, the new Whole Foods market on Saturday and the usual Sunday market I was pooped. The grand total for all that selling was 75 prints which is a good thing. That said by Sunday afternoon I'd lost my selling mojo. Normally I engage people in conversation and chat about my stuff however by that point I was saying if you have any questions please ask!

Complicating my blogging our internet connection was iffy for several days, and sadly I must report that I began to feel terrible again. Fortunately Bruce was home for most of the week (shocker!) and took care of me when I wasn't out being a street vendor. As we'd all come to expect, I'd been feeling excellent with none of the nagging pain of the last two years. Inexplicably it hit me like a shot on Wednesday, continuing for days. I'm still struggling, but not like last week. Let us all hope it is short-lived.

Yesterday I got my desk all cleaned up. The bills are paid, my radiology licenses are renewed, and I can now see most of my desktop. I made a trip to our new Target for Bruce's prescriptions, picked up dry cleaning and deposited money at the bank. When Matt and Jonathan get here next week they will be delighted with the Target being so close. We now have dog food, toothpaste and razor blades. Now, if I can just get to the laundry and cleaning....

Because the weather was spectacular I just had to make a trip to Leu Gardens for some photography. I was so totally missing it last week. I was pleased that some of the photos I'd had in my baskets for a while sold enabling me (Mr. Roger) to print new ones. I've been to LG so many times I know where everything is blooming yet I still love to do it. Yesterday there were some beautiful,fragrant silk floss trees blooming. The trunk of these trees is almost as interesting as the blooms:

There are two versions with the pink one featured today. I wish I'd had the Panasonic with me yesterday because I have a longer zoom with that camera; this bloom is about 40' in the air:

Bruce is in Connecticut as I type having back-to-back inspections on his projects there, a first in his career. I spoke with him briefly last night and they look good, so here's hoping the punch lists will be SHORT.

Michelle came over yesterday afternoon to see my dress and chat. After a hearty approval we discussed the jewelry options. Later on I scooted over to Nordstrom to see if anything appropriate was featured in the half yearly sale. The answer was no. Sadly, because all of retail is struggling right now, the inventory to choose from is limited. I can certainly understand that (being a business owner and all) but it makes it more challenging to find things you like. I tried on multiple necklaces and earrings, eventually picking some. Aside from a handbag, I believe I'm set.

Off to the museum dear friends. The first photograph today is one of Mr. Polasek's oldest entitled "Unfettered."
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