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Where to Begin?

It sure has been a week! So much has happened that I'll try to capture some of the highlights for you; gratefully I mention that the lowlights were almost non-existent.

Tuesday Angela helped me fill all forty bags with sand and candles for the walkway luminaries. We wheeled them out front for a practice run making sure there were enough. I was lucky to find some white lunch bags and Target and votive candles in glass at Old Time Pottery. We brainstormed about the table and got a little start there. Bruce never traveled out of state last week (I know, can you believe it?), so he worked on making the yard look excellent. He also purchased and put together a fire pit for the back because our chilly spell has lingered. We are going to love it for sure.

Matt arrived on Wednesday afternoon after a brief (translate--fun) stay in Atlanta. Stopping on the way home we picked up the tuxedos for both Matt and Jonathan with good results. I'd spent the day making two kinds of chili for the rehearsal dinner which worked out beautifully because he was starving upon arrival.

Thursday morning, more preparations for the party. Which led to this:

During the rehearsal I found out that Bruce and I were to walk up the altar steps and yours truly given the honor of lighting one of the parent candles; during the ceremony Michelle and Dave were to each take one candle and light the center candle in unison. I'd not heard the first thing about it until then, giving me a moments pause, primarily because I'm so unused to wearing both heels, and a long gown, I was afraid I might mess up. As well, visions of lighting my wrap on fire occurred. Because I told you at the outset there were minimal lowlights you know we pulled it off!

While we were practicing Angela and Regina were busily getting all the food out and lighting about fifty candles. It was just getting dusk when we returned home and everything looked beautiful. What a blessing to have neighbors to count on.

Earlier in the day Matt made the DVD with the photos I'd scanned. He put it all together only to discover that his mother did not have any blank DVDs--duh!! Fortunately stores are just a mile away for those pesky last minute details. As you can imagine it was a great hit. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the clean up began. Bruce went to pick Carol up at the airport with her arrival creating quite a stir. She always brings lots of energy with her.

Friday found me finishing the clean up and getting a manicure and pedicure with Carol. Our man about London had been sporting a beard for several years now but with the wedding pictures on the horizon he shaved taking about five years off his appearance. I'm not sure if anyone would guess he is all of 32! I picked up Mr. Roger's speedlight and an apparatus to hold the camera on the way to taking him for a haircut. We've been putting the new car to good use. Tijuana Flats for dinner, a shower, and facial mask for me. Wouldn't you know it--a blemish right below my left eye with a budding cold sore to go along with it.

Matt was kind enough to give his parents their beauty sleep picking Jonathan and Alissa up after midnight. I never even heard them arrive.

The wedding day finally arrived. Jonathan forgot to pack undershirts and his mother needed waterproof mascara, so once again a quick trip to the stores. On to the beauty salon for me. Michelle requested I do something fun with my hair, as any good mother in law would do, I booked an appointment with Ken. Sitting down I had no idea how I would leave the salon, but it was a safe bet it wouldn't be with my usual bob. An hour and a half later I left with an updo--my first (I think) since homecoming in 11th grade. With my white blouse and jeans the family was a little unsure at first, but donning the gown did wonders for the look. Amazingly, we all got ready with no problems, and off we went. Did I mention that Matt served as our personal stylist, making suggestions on vest tightening, hair and makeup? Bruce remained cool and calm throughout, looking dashingly handsome in his tuxedo.

Happiness was in the air when we arrived. Pat and Ruth both looked wonderful. I'll take this moment to describe one of the only lowlights--during the wonderful reception Pat was taking his seat after tearing up the dance floor at the same time Carol was pulling the chair out. The result was a nasty bump to his head, which not only scared him, but hurt awful bad. I was so disappointed that they had to leave early!!! Carol talked to him yesterday and apparently all is well, thank goodness.

I've gotten a little ahead of myself. The ceremony was beautiful, the bride and groom even more so. Alissa greeted people at the door after which she was seated on the second row with us. She managed to get some photos of the ceremony and here is one of them:

The gown was spectacular. Really, the wedding was magical in every sense. The candle lighting went off without a hitch, and surprising us was the inclusion of thanks to their parents, and a presentation of a single rose to the moms. It was enough to make everyone cry! Bill looked so stoic, but as it turns out, it was his effort not to cry while listening to me behind him!

Speaking of whom, Mr. Bill gave a beautiful, heart felt speech about not only his relationship with Dave, but welcoming Michelle to our family. This too brought tears to many eyes, which truth be told, is doing so to mine as I type. The closeness of most identical twins cannot easily be put into words, typically however, it is one of the closest human relationships possible. Touchingly he referenced their wonderful father, my darling husband Bruce, as their guide through life.

Here is Miss Gail crying while dancing with David to "I Hope You Dance."

David was so happy, finally able to shed the gloom that his job has been draping over him for months,dancing the night away, as did we all. I can't tell you what a beautiful job Michelle did putting it all together, planning every detail down to a special vegan meal for Matt. Of whom I must mention brought the house down with his dancing! Oh my, were we all entertained! When I spoke to David briefly yesterday he was raving about it. Michelle was taking a much needed nap to recover. They left this morning for their week at Disney.

There are so many other wonderful things to share, but I suspect this one dose will suffice for today. Thank you for your well wishes for our son and his beautiful bride.

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