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Leap of Faith

Most of us of a certain age remember where we were when we heard the news that JFK was shot. It's something retold over, and over. Another news event of more recent vintage I recall perfectly where I was when I heard it--that would be O J Simpson's trial verdict. I was on my third day of orientation at the hospital when we learned that the verdict would be read around lunchtime. As such, our moderator brought a television into the room for all to hear. There were those who were thrilled and those disappointed. It's just weird being around virtual strangers at a moment like that.

Which brings us to yesterdays' glorious event. I say that with a giant leap of faith. It's against my nature to expect too much of either politicians, or celebrities. This time however I'm suspending that notion, hoping and praying that the charisma, talent, and political skills of our new president will be used to steer our country in these most challenging times. (oh how I wish people had been realistic in buying homes!)

Remember I wrote that I hoped we could turn on the tv at the museum? Guess what? No hookup as an actual television--it's only set up to play the DVD of Mr. Polaseks' life. Karen looked for the laptop when I first got there with no luck. I decided to turn on NPR which was fine by me. I pulled up a chair, becoming absorbed in the sights and sounds they were describing. Interestingly enough Steve Inskeep called her Michelle--not MEchelle--I always hate it when parents alter a perfectly good name! No visitors came which was a good thing because the new exhibit was nowhere near ready. I would have been embarrassed to have to tell folks. At any rate, around 11 the college intern showed up, laptop in tow. So, Karen, myself, and Amanda gathered round her Dell, enthralled with the precedings, however I wish I'd shared the moment with my loved ones. That said, we're all pretty chatty so we might not have heard the speech!

It was good to my way of thinking.

I was not so thrilled with Michelle's dress though. I didn't like the sparkly stuff at the neckline; the gloves and shoes looked to me like they were meant for another outfit. Now that sounds silly doesn't it? I bet what she wanted to wear were jeans, shoes and socks, and a big coat to keep warm. I don't know how they do it; it was cold here today, at least twenty degrees warmer, and I can't imagine wearing a dress and heels with a sleeveless dress underneath! The girls were adorable in their colorful outfits and I understand Malia Obama is a bit camera crazy herself!

Speaking of temperatures, the other afternoon I turned on the heat thinking it was getting chilly in the house. The thermostat read 66 degrees. It occurred to me that our Jonathan and Alissa were enduring temperatures 73 degrees colder. Now that is mind boggling when you think of it like that!!!

Mind boggling would describe the massive turnout for the inauguration, stretching as far as the eye could see and then some. Again, how they did it in that cold I'll never know. Matt flew to Los Angeles two days ago, fortuitous because he was able to be in the country during the inauguration, watching it on CNN, the station with the most news. That one's for Mr. Bruce--he loves that channel.

Of all things Bruce flew to Washington yesterday afternoon and got stuck in all sorts of traffic on his way to Chevy Chase, Maryland where he'll soon be starting a Capital Grille. I hate to think of him having to work in that area again because the traffic is so horrible, doubly so yesterday.

I now have evidence of at least two readers--thank you Matt and Jeanie. The journey continues!

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