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Sing Your Life

My thanks to The Smiths for penning the song "How Soon is Now." This photograph of a Deland artist's graffiti is my number one seller and still going strong. It has now traveled to Sweden via an older man (70's) who sent it to his son after loving the one he bought for himself. Make that twice--I just remembered a young couple who were returning to Sweden later in the day when they bought the little canvas I'm now selling. Yesterday I sold two small canvases of it, as I did the previous weekend. I do so wish I could give him the credit--all I have to take credit for is knowing a good thing when I saw it. Because the canvas gives it such a great look, I've begun selling it in a 12x18 version which sells for $40, making it affordable for lots of young people. The popularity of this print is not confined to youth only; I've sold it to people as young as 9, and as old as 75. Most don't know it is a song reference (or is it?). Those who do however are overjoyed when they see it.

Which brings me to the question--what do people want when they buy a photograph? I've been playing it safe up to now, but I think I'm going to start going with some edgier stuff. I've shot it, but haven't printed most of it. I began by showing a brick street with blue broken glass which has been received pretty well. As well, I'm not sure if I posted the Welcome sign from a hostel in St. Augustine when I made the web album. Numerous languages, including sign, are printed nicely on the sign; what makes it most interesting is where people have written their own greeting. I showed it last week, selling it, however this week I didn't. A man made me an offer of $20, and a detailing of my car, but I declined telling him I had a new car. Nevertheless, what is interesting is Bruce was slightly puzzled when I took it. Once printed on the canvas, he was sold. It is, for lack of a better word, inviting. I figured most anyone would like one by their front door. Now that I've wasted your time with all that verbage, how 'bout if I show you the image? Forgive me.

Pretty cool, huh?

Speaking of the market, my first time at the Whole Foods market a couple selling quiches, and French pastries were next to me. That was the start of something wonderful. The woman is French, and let me tell you, their products are amazing. I tell Waffa, the woman, that she single-handedly will be putting some weight on me with her delicious Napoleons, eclairs, and tarts. I can't describe how great they are, both the couple, and their goodies. When you have a fantastic product people will definitely buy it, as such, they are enjoying tremendous success.

The market was so crowded yesterday that it was difficult to walk at some points. Who can believe it?

Before I forget I do want to mention that last weekend we watched There Will Be Blood with Daniel Day-Lewis. Simply an amazing film with, to my mind, the best actor working today. The only problem is he waits so long between films!

While talking to Lisa she said she vehemently disagreed with my assessment of Mrs. Obamas' outfit, however, I won't be dissuaded-I still think the shoes were meant for another ensemble!

Remember how I served carrots last week to our guests and almost apologized? Here's a little something for you:
Carrots are Good for You

Bruce will be home all week, visiting his Florida jobs--yeah. I'm hoping we can get to the movies and see The Wrestler.

I'm super happy because we gave Jonathan a new camera for Christmas which he put to good use while seeing The Killers last week. His pictures were awesome, making me feel like I was there.

What do you say we ignore all the doom and gloom of the financial crisis and just keep doing what we've been doing?
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