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Results Based on Customer's Perception

Guess who has finally got back on the treadmill? Yes, it's me! After a two plus year absence I decided to give it a go. Yesterday morning, while watching "Peter Perfect" on the Style channel, I saw a commercial for some bogus skin care product with the above tag line. What a hoot! After some chuckling, I realized the truth in that statement. Isn't that what most things boil down to? Today I turned the television on again at 6:30 to see Mr. Peter but he wasn't there. At that time of the morning there are several shows on about cleaning and organizing. Wow, the episode this morning on Clean House was astounding. This family had two large rabbits in the master bedroom running loose, AND a huge ugly lizard that roamed the rest of the house. In addition they had several small children with clutter EVERYWHERE. It about made me sick!

The cardinals are back teasing me with their chirping outside my office window. They always manage to hide in the palms with this picture no exception. I was delighted however to capture the one with the open wings.

I suspect this won't be the last you see of these two.

Saturday's market was good, not great. The exciting thing is that I did manage to reach the goal Bruce set for me. Sunday was not so swift. The weather reports predicted severe rain and wind but we went just the same. After setting up for around two hours, with maybe one potential customer coming through, Dana closed the market down. There was some rain but Mr. Bruce had prepared us for that by putting all the sides up which adds considerable time to the set up. Nonetheless she made the decision and we went with it. By the time we were home the skies cleared within the hour but we took advantage of our Sunday afternoon off by finally going to the Apple store to spend the gift cards Bill gave us for Christmas.

Remember I told you about the book I was making and planned to use the gift card to purchase it? Well, not so fast Miss Gail. Turns out that was a no-no. Not really needing anything, we searched the store for something, anything to spend those cards. I found a wonderful new backpack which I plan to put to good use. Bruce got the short end of the stick if you will by only getting a lock for his laptop. I got a car charger for my Nano; now, if only I could figure out how to turn the thing off when I stop the car!

During my two years at Valencia I used Jonathan's old back pack from either high school, or college. That JanSport would not die! It served me well, it was a tad painful to give it away, but give it away I did. There's a new thrift store nearby that takes donations, using their profits to feed the homeless. Now that's what I call a happy ending.

Is this economy a big fat mess, or what? The onslaught of bad news just keeps coming. I looked backwards on my blog to some of last year's posts finding post when I wrote that I was thinking Dave had it rough. You can tell I'm no seer--I thought he was facing the worst back then; little did I know that it could get so MUCH worse.Of course he's not the only one but it's just that he has to watch the market for a living, unlike me who likes to hide her head in the sand! As well most of us don't have to field calls looking for answers. Sadly it seems as if no one has any real clue on what to do to stop the bleeding. The MO seems to be that doing something is better than nothing. I'm just thinking out loud here, but doesn't it seem like the government is repeating the mistakes that homeowners just made? Spending way more than is wise? I'm still clinging to my motto, "this too shall pass" but when??????
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