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For quite a while now I've been meaning to write about my friend from the market. Here's what I know about her: Her name is Wafaa and she's married to Rick. She is French and spent some time living in Morocco. She and her mother along with Regina and her husband make the most amazing food. I first met her at the Whole Foods market when she was set up next to me. The first thing I tried was a Napoleon and I thought I'd died and went to heaven. The oh-so light pastry with the creamiest filling you can imagine. Following that I began to sample her ample varieties of quiches which are simply delicious. Her almond croissants, strawberry and lemon tarts, not to mention sandwiches, are some of the best things I've ever tasted. Add the fantastic food to a great personality and it is no wonder her business is a great success. During one of my weekly market photo strolls I took this one of her next to one of the 10 foot tall guitars being auctioned off this very night.

Which segues nicely into my photo shoot on Monday. I got a message from darling Amber at City Hall that they were looking for local photographers to shoot the motorcade of guitars as they made their way to Universal Studios for the auction this evening. Although I needed to do stuff to catch up around the house, I decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Turns out I was right. My pictures are only so-so, for a variety of reasons, but it was very fun nonetheless. I met a really great photographer named Cindy.Cindy Ord She moved here from NYC three years ago but still travels there twice a year to shoot Fashion Week. Her real goal is to do photojournalism, but for now wedding photography is paying her bills. We stood together on the bridge over I-4 for about thirty minutes chatting and getting to know one another. It was quite a thrill being over the highway; when a semi drove behind us you could feel the bridge shaking just a bit which was a tad scary. All of a sudden here the trucks came! She shot from one side, me the other. Here's a sample from me:

They passed under us in all of about two minutes or so it seemed! In the background the new arena for the Magic is pictured. I read in the paper on Tuesday that later in the day one of the cranes toppled, injuring no one; it seemed so weird that the day I shot this an accident occurred later. Anyway we then made our way to City Hall to upload the pictures in the Communications Department. For our trouble we received two passes to the auction tonight featuring a performance by the Blue Man Group. Of all things Bruce won't be in town until later so I'm taking Maureen. The thing is that he's been bugging me to see that show and I've resisted. Here's yet another link detailing not only the event, but the benefiting charities. Tonight's the Night
It seems as if Orlando is not the first city to have a Guitar Town, I'll have to check out the website further to see the ones done in London. Speaking of which I had a lovely, (always long) video chat with Matt on Tuesday afternoon. It's always such a nice surprise when the phone rings and I see all those numbers come up. From there we switch to visual because it is so much nicer. Matt not only looks good, but is doing well, aside from having to work longer hours than he'd like.

As you well know Mr. Bruce travels most weeks and has for years and years. Lately that hasn't been the case so much, which is super good. Last night I realized that I'd made dinner for the both of us for twelve days in a row which is some kind of record. When the children were home I pretty much cooked all the time; it's good to see I haven't lost my mojo in the kitchen.
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