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Talking About My Generation

As you may or may not recall, yesterday afternoon Kelly was arriving to have her photo shoot just as I was finishing my blogging. She has a website and other social networking sites she wanted some photos for. She'd just had her hair done and came in with her makeup bag to get ready. I'm not so experienced in this kind of photography, however we had fun, chasing the light and trying to get some good shots. The most fun we had was when she picked up Baxter who'd been hanging around--they both look so good in this one.

I said that was the most fun but this one is pretty crazy. I'd climbed on top of our air conditioner blower thing out back and it came on. I handed Kelly the camera and had her take my picture:

Crazy huh? Look how incredibly dark my hair is underneath!!!! That said, I'm noticing gray hairs are starting to populate my scalp, generally sticking straight up! I remember when we first moved to Melbourne when I was 16 and we had air conditioning for the first time. Being the 70's and all, everyone had long hair. Mine was not only long but very thick resulting in very long drying times. We were so excited when we realized the outside blower could work as a hair dryer!

Today I'm full of links. One is for the charming book I finished last night--way too late I might add, which Baxter completely ignored when he whimpered at a little after 6 this morning to go out. Fantastic! Classic tortoise and the hare tale set in Kenya; the prose is full of good humor. I highly recommend this one. Don't bother with Sarah's Key, it dissolved into a mess.

By now you're thinking what the heck does her title have to do with anything she's written. I'm getting there, patience, dear readers.

Actually I was thinking yesterday that increasingly I'm feeling that Bruce and I are living outside what is considered normal these days. Two articles in the Times really drove that home. Here's one of them:
The Hug
Yes, hugging. I've noticed the prevalence of hugging has increased by a bunch. You thought I might throw a percentage in there didn't you? You know better. Hugging used to be for close family members and sometimes close friends as a celebratory gesture or on rare occasions, a symbol that although a person was going through a rough patch (divorce, death, serious illness), you were there for them. Now it is an everyday thing which I'm still trying to get accustomed to. Friends, don't think I don't love you, it's just that it's new to my generation.

Another article was about texting. I don't mean to sound grumpy, or old fashioned, but yikes!, what is there to text about all day? Apparently, no one can live in the moment now, they must multi-task or feel like something is wrong. I particularly hate it when I see drivers doing it. Not a pretty sight. In Florida you receive a ticket for not wearing a seat belt, a law which I find ridiculous. A caveat--I wear a seat belt in the driveway, but seriously, if someone wants to take the risk, who is the state of Florida to tell them differently? It is not like it makes someone a more dangerous driver, it just makes them more prone to death in the unlikely event an accident occurs. Texting, on the other hand, is dangerous to both the texter, and those who are driving on the same road with them. Need I remind you of the accident in Boston on the transit system when a driver was texting? The Times article referred to teens getting sore thumbs from texting nonstop. I've not learned texting and don't plan to add it to my repertoire.

So as I was putting on a dab of makeup this morning I was thinking about Bruce and I being together all these years and loving it. Not normal anymore. Four children conceived normally, twins without fertility drugs, natural childbirth for three of them, no credit card debt, no home equity loan, no second mortgage, 15 year fixed rate mortgage, no fighting, no overly fancy house (comfortable and cute though), no warehouses for our extra stuff, no plastic surgery for me, and the list goes on. I'll try not to belabor this point, but I don't believe in most of the issues that worry people these days, life is too short. Lest you think I'm totally out of it, I do recycle and I do have a Mac. That said I don't panic if I don't have a mobile phone so maybe that cancels out the last two?

I'd forgotten this link Kelly posted on Facebook last week: Free PressYeah to friends who look out for me!

Time to watch the Magic game; Bruce and I attended the very first Magic exhibition game twenty years ago. This could be another late night!

P.S. Forgive those italics above if you will--I don't know how they got there and don't know how to get rid of them. :)
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