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Keep on Movin

Picture this:
The rain is falling madly, the air conditioning is too cold, and there are no visitors. You can guess where I was today. Although I've brought a book of short stories by Lauren Groff, Delicate Edible Birds, to read, the stories are so intense that reading them one right after another diminishes their potency...I need time to absorb them for a bit before moving on to the next. Because of the rain, I can't go out to take pictures, so I do something that has never occurred to me before: I begin dancing in the back gallery space to Soul II Soul's greatest hits, chiefly, Keep on Movin. I can't imagine what I would have done if someone arrived. It felt good to be moving I can say that much for sure.

That cd is an oldie but a goodie. If I remember correctly Matt used it as background music for the prom video he did all those years ago, make that 17, if you can imagine. He's turning 33 on Sunday....I can hardly believe I've been a Mom for so many years!

I'm posting a photograph of our Baxie, taken yesterday afternoon while I was watching the NikonD60 dvd, hoping to learn how to operate the camera more effectively. By now I can't even remember what settings I used for this; I'm sure you could care less, it would bore you anyway (frankly it does me too). What matters is this sure shows his cuteness, not to mention that he's looking out the window longingly, waiting for Bruce's return. You've got several days yet to go Mr. Baxter.

In more Baxter related news, remember his last blog appearance photographed in the life jacket? While reading the paper I noticed that they accept pet photos for publication with a little blurb below. Not one to let this kind of opportunity go to waste I submitted that photo, hearing just last night that on July 9, a Thursday, Baxter will be making his "print" debut. Angela was not surprised, her response: "I always knew he would be famous." And so he shall be.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the museum will be closed for the next two months, or have I already told you that? Anyway, I'm glad. Next season I may have to look for a volunteer opportunity which involves more interaction with people. We shall see.

Matt is busy being a concert-goer this week; he'll be seeing Blur, Madonna, and Take That. He's seen Madonna maybe four times now? Blur, however, is his favorite. I've no idea how he manages, his work weeks of late have been 75 hours. A birthday week perhaps?

I'd arranged to have Michelle and Dave Baxter-sit for me while I took a little trip back over to Sarasota this afternoon. I didn't factor in the weather. It rains for a bit almost every day in the summer, but 80% chance is just a little too much to gamble with. As we've discussed in the past, driving in that kind of rainstorm is extremely scary; I got my hair trimmed instead. I'm thinking of heading to the other coast in the morning.....
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