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The Booth Shot

As promised, a few more highlights from the show:

People were so friendly, lots and lots of Moms and their daughters came on Sunday, which apparently has been going on for the 43 years the show has run. In fact, my last sale of the day was to a Mom buying her older daughter a gift for Mother's Day. Nice.

What we couldn't get over was downtown Lakeland. Lots of very cute and clean shops, bars, and restaurants line the streets named, Lemon, Lime, and Orange. Lakeland, as it turns out, was a citrus town long before it became known as the home to Publix.

I became aware of the show because one of Bruce's co-workers wives mentioned it at the annual Christmas party. She said it was an awesome event, and she was so right. If you can imagine, our booth was one street over from their beautifully restored 1914 home, which we toured after we closed on Saturday. Plus, Bruce forgot a few items, so after helping me open on Saturday, he drove home; upon his return a few hours later, parking was non-existent, however Jay's driveway was wide open. Hurray for friends. As well, yesterday I dropped off a large canvas at the Darden Headquarters that Jay is delivering to the woman who ordered it. How great is that?

I said Debbie made me aware of Mayfaire, but that's not entirely true. My friend, Brandy began doing the show about three years ago, not long after we met at the market. Before applying, I called Brandy and she confirmed that it is the best. Anyway, her girlfriend Marcy moseyed over to our side of the lake to say hello, but I never got over to see them, too many people all the time, which was a great problem to have! Tuesday night she called,  asking if I would mind doing a booth shot for her. Apparently her shot is not the best for applying to high end shows. Of course I said I'd be happy to help out. 

So yesterday afternoon she and Marcy arrived, setting up her booth in our side yard during the golden hour. Baxter and I watched. During the shoot, Marcy and Baxter watched:

Don't you just love the green grass against the black? She has the same panels as I do but they bought these black cloths that velcro over the mesh giving it a Very finished look. A photographer set up next to Brandy at Mayfaire suggested doing your booth shot,  not at a show, rather keep it very simple and set up on good turf. Now that I've seen this, I realize my booth shot needs improvement, mostly because I usually take it at a show when the light is either too harsh, the grass is spotty, and lastly, it looks cluttered. This is just fine when you're selling, not so much when you are trying to appeal to a judge.
Once again I apologize for the formatting of today's post. Yesterday I researched my problems, discovering that a small set of users are having issues. Well, I'm one of that set!

Did I tell you that Roger and Trish are taking a much needed two week vacation? Flying into Frankfurt, they were catching a connection to Rome for a few days stay,  then on to the port to board a cruise ship taking them through the Greek Isles. Nice, huh? Just before they left I told them that everything was conspiring to keep them home and printing, what with the Icelandic volcanic ash, chunks falling off the Coliseum, and of course, rioting in Greece. They went anyway. I did my best to order accordingly before they left, however, I never dreamed my inventory would be so diminished. Apparently, I didn't dream big enough did I?

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