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Walking on Sunshine

Well, not quite, as it is raining this morning but....

They say great minds think alike, which may, or may not be true, but I hope it is. My son Matthew beat me to the punch posting this first: Isn't it amazing that both he and I must have heard it on separate continents and thought it was good to share with friends? Oh this wild and wonderful modern world! Knowing my readers, great thinkers that you are, you've probably already heard this piece, but if not click on it for a smile.

WARNING! Lots of photos ahead! Well, what did you expect if you read this blog anyway?

Sadly, the order makes no sense because of my uploading issues but let's make do, shall we?

Our weekend was super fun and busy. Bruce arrived home fairly early (for him) on Friday evening and we decided to have a little date over at OLV. Just the two of sharing a bottle of wine and nice tapas. The evening was warm, but tolerable, and after a bit we decided to sit on the comfy couch thing outside to listen to the singer and enjoy our delicious food. He was excellent, covering anyone, and everyone. Very pleasant. But wait--things heated up before long because my friend Kris from the hospital was there with a few girl friends. By young and girl I mean 40 years old. Never thought I'd be calling someone 40 young but it happens to all of us doesn't it? You know, some age seems ancient and then it sneaks up on us and we're that age. Sorry, I digress. Anyway, Kris and Kathy decided we should dance on the patio which we did and before long others joined us! Nothing like a night of dancing to either make you realize how old you are or, make you feel young again. Take your pick. I'll choose the later thank you very much. Our picture is the last one of the bunch with me making a serious attempt to keep my eyes wide open!! At work people would often ask if we were sisters--do you see any resemblance? Only I would post such a iffy photograph of herself right? I'd been swimming earlier in the afternoon, doing nothing to my hair, as if I needed to tell you.

Maybe it's better to just write about the photos as they appear rather than how the days unfolded?

Speaking of singers, Joseph Martens, our regular singer at the market is terrific on his own, and now that his girlfriend comes, accompanying him on the fiddle, it's even better. One of the things he does is play musical chairs with the children, making up silly stuff as he goes along. This was a smaller group than normal, but no less fun. The little boy in the forefront was pretty much lost the whole time! The winner usually gets a bag of Kettle Korn.

Looking at the picture it is hard to believe how much the market has grown and changed for the better. People look so forward to their weekly trips to the market and occasionally they buy stuff from me. This Sunday was surprisingly good with 25 sales. Fantastic stuff, huh? As this was my last sales day of the month Bruce did the numbers, discovering it was not only my best day at the market this year, but also my best month ever! Happy days.

Here is the promised nectarine tree:
Beautiful colors, right?

Bill, David and Michelle were kind enough to pool their money, giving both Bruce and I Nordstrom gift cards, knowing how much we love the store. I used mine for a spiffy new linen dress for the trip! Love it!
Yum, yum!

Saturday Bruce didn't work--surprise, surprise, so I didn't either. Instead we spent the day together preparing for our vacation which I'll write more about tomorrow.

Remember the disappointing show we attended on Thursday night? Saturday night was completely different and am I glad we went. The leading photo (those pesky uploading issues!) is of Douglas Kirkland during his Q & A. Behind him on the screen is a photo he took of Audrey Hepburn. Here's a link to his site: Was he ever an excellent speaker with great tales of photographing Marilyn Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor and other icons of the screen! He's 75 years old, not that you would know it, with great energy and enthusiasm. Did I mention he's also humble? He's still shooting something every day, and he told us his schedule is booked until next February! Imagine that. The show was held in the old Church Street Exchange building which Dana manages for the realty company that owns the property. As you already know, she's a dynamo! The last time we visited her there, the place was a neat wreck with furniture, equipment, large architectural pieces stored everywhere. Attending Saturday night, one would never know what a complete transformation from when she took the project over. Tomorrow I'll tell you a funny story that one of the big time photographers from the show shared with me on Sunday at the market.

I'm sure by now you are bored, and I'm ready to get on with the day, now that the sun is shining. Let's meet again soon--in the meantime, be sure and walk on sunshine when you can!

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