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How about this cloud? Amazing huh? It wasn't but a few minutes later it dispersed.

As I type this, the drone of the vuvuzellas is the background noise. Earlier in the week, Matt posted this clever piece ( regarding those miserable instruments, if I may use that term. Saturday, I turned the England vs. USA match,  hearing for myself how irritating the sound is. What came to my mind was, how after all the expense and preparations, the games popularity could be derailed by a plastic horn. I've no understanding of football, nor do I understand it's world-wide appeal, however, I figure I'll watch a bit, seeing if I can discern what is so appealing. I felt bad for England's goalie--he won't live that down anytime soon.

Earlier in the week I was captivated by something else Matthew sent our way. He'd found a book online with an account of the Peck genealogy. Here's a link to the Google version : Obviously, you will have little interest in the subject, however, you may enjoy perusing the names for a few pages. Names come and go, and this sure proves that! One reason I got hooked on it was trying to figure out the ancestry puzzle. This account was made in 1860 by Ira Peck, Esq. The writing is quite good, and his tireless work is just astounding. He spent 10 years compiling all of the branches of the Peck family, starting with the brother of whom it is believed Bruce's family came from. I've yet to figure it out.

Most of you already know, but for those of you who don't, my sister Maureen has suffered a mild stroke. Spending three days in the hospital, most of the tests were inconclusive. To date, there is no evidence of any paralysis, just slight memory loss, along with some weakness. We are indebted to her friend Lynn for alerting the family that something just wasn't right. For the time being she's spending time with the newlyweds.

Recently I needed a new iron, opting for a Shark model, which if you're in the market for one, I highly recommend.

Wednesday night we had a fantastic meal at our friend, Steven and Kirsten's house.  Can they ever cook!

Baxter no longer has to be a stand in for our doorbell.  The one thing Bruce hates to work with is electricity, thus our doorbell was out of commission for months.  Barking at passerbys occupies much of Baxter's waking hours; when someone was at the door however, he would go crazy! We had an electrician come in and it took him quite a while to discover what the problem was. Every problem has a silver lining and this little one is no exception. Prior to the previous doorbells' demise the sound from each door was the same, now however, both the front and side have slightly different tones, saving us from wondering which door our visitor stands before. Score!

Bruce spent most of this week working from home. Did I mention how much he's loving his new kayak? Yesterday morning I went with him to the perfect spot in our area, Dinky Dock on Lake Virginia in Winter Park.
While he was fishing I took the opportunity to roam around Rollins College, taking pictures in the gorgeous morning light. Once he'd caught and released two nice sized bass, he returned to that lovely beach, letting me take a turn. I'm not into fishing, but paddling is quite fun. I believe it was the first time in my life I've ever been on open water by myself, sort of funny feeling. As I was leaving the shore a group of seriously experienced kayakers were paddling in. Before they could disdain my efforts, I mentioned I was a novice! 

Last Friday I spent hours cleaning our home, as I may have mentioned. If only I could force myself to repeat it today! Steve and Kirsten own 13 rental properties in and around Thorton Park. They have two criteria when looking for properties: it needs to be cute enough for them to live in themselves, and if it takes more than an hour to clean, it's too big. Sounds like a plan to me.

Actually what I need to do is head over to Colonial Photo and Hobby, seeing if they can clean my sensor on the Nikon. On our trip debris planted itself on the sensor leaving black marks on the photos. As well, I've got something on my new baby cameras lens. Not good.

I wonder what surprises are in store for today? 
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