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Surprise, Surprise

Little did I know when last we met,  that my closing words would become a reality. To refresh your memory from last Friday's post, I concluded with something like, who knows what surprises are in store for today. Really, it was totally unplanned. Of course, I'm known for being somewhat impulsive!

I finally bought the new type of camera I've been thinking about for nearly a year. Several years ago Olympus and Panasonic developed a new type of digital camera that incorporates the large sensor from a single lens reflex (like my Nikon D60), in the body of a nearly pocket sized camera. They call them Micro Four Thirds. Really, it's quite an achievement! They keep making cameras with more mega pixels which are really only needed if you intend to print huge, or you crop like crazy. Early on, Mr. Roger explained it was mostly a marketing tool to get people to continually upgrade their equipment. He says that you need only six mp to print a poster-sized image. So anyway, I'd been thinking, thinking, thinking about getting the Panasonic version, but you well know how frugal I can be. I've been saving most all of the money I've made, however, the floodgates are open now! Once I purchased the kayak for Bruce's birthday, it just seems easier to let the money go. Right about now you're probably wondering why I got the Olympus version when I said I wanted the Panasonic and you would be well within your rights to wonder. Here's why: Colonial Photo only sells the Olympus version! I like having people I can go to when I've got questions, thus I'm still a fan of buying from a store.

As you can see, it has a very cool retro look. Additionally, with metal on the body, it has a very satisfying sound when you close the battery cover. Arriving home around two, I immediately began the battery charging. It took forever!! Nearly three hours to be exact which seemed like twenty! The weather was sketchy; nevertheless, I phoned Regina asking if I might try it out in her backyard. That's her in her kitchen while I'm on her back porch. I'm already in love with this camera.  Naturally, Baxter was one of my first subjects! I told you he much he loves to perch on the couch, watching the world go by! 
Several things about my Nikon have always bugged me. All of these photos were taken in the automatic setting because I'm still getting the hang of things. While using auto on the Nikon, the flash was constantly going off, giving those photos an unnatural look. As well, there were only three focal points which never seemed like enough. Although I've only got this one little lens so far, I'm in the market for a longer zoom, once I've got that going, I may try to sell the Nikon on ebay, that is, if I can figure out how to do it!

Saturday afternoon we set the booth up in the yard, just like Brandy and Marcie did. Two years ago I applied to the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival and didn't get in, however, I'm trying again for this fall. The deadline for entering is Friday, thus, although the weather wasn't perfect, we soldiered on. Evidently, sparse is good, which worked well for us as I'm seriously short on canvases. Not for every week showings because we don't use the left wall. Once that's up, you need lots to fill it.  We did what we could with the stock on hand and I feel much better about this shot. Reviewing what I sent in earlier I was somewhat mortified! The other shot was taken at a show with sun streaming in the back, Bruce in the picture, and sun spots in the foreground! Cluttered looking? That too! I sent in the images yesterday and hopefully this year will be the charm. Mostly I want to do it because of the crowds. After doing Mayfaire we realized first hand how much this helps with sales. Time will tell my friends.

Sunday, although the market closed an hour early due to an impeding storm, we did pretty well, I'm delighted to report. I'm also happy to share that Maureen is slowly recovering in the comfort of her own home. She's operating a bit in slow motion, but the good news is, her doctors say she'll have a full recovery.

Because the market usually wears us out, we postponed any Father's Day celebration until Monday night at our home. Serving Bruce's favorites made me happy. Bill, Dave and Michelle came over, bringing Ginger with them to harass Baxter. Seriously, she loves to chase Baxter through the house. He, on the other hand, is not so crazy about it but will play along for a little while. She finally tuckered out, resting on the couch. I just love this one of her taken with the new camera! What a face!
Before dinner Matt phoned, letting me know that his birthday gift arrived which shocked me as I'd only mailed it last Tuesday. It's always hard buying gifts so this year I decided to make a photo book using my Mac. Eagerly opening the package FedEx delivered Tuesday afternoon, I wasn't disappointed with the quality--terrific. Immediately I repackaged it, heading up to the post office before closing time. Before I left I mentioned to Bruce that it would probably cost $20 to ship, making the $17 cost a nice surprise. He seemed to like it.

Only two more weeks left at the Polasek. They close for the months of July and August and to that I say, hear, hear! Have a great day dear ones.
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