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Dazed and Confused

Something I heard on the radio yesterday has left me with some lingering confusion. While interviewing a male novelist, Terri Gross asked him some pointed questions (no surprise there) about writing. It was during his response that everyone wants to be a writer these days that I stopped to think. Is it because now it's so much easier? Is it what I'm calling the democratization of society that the web allows? Have computer, will write? While everyone is writing do they have time left to just read without the need to respond?

For those of you have joined me recently, you might be surprised to learn of my original intentions for this blog. Rather than put folks in the uncomfortable position of always having to ask how I was feeling during an extended illness, I decided to write about it. Additionally, I was then a 52 year old college student. At that time the digital camera was a new toy I was just learning how to play with. My how times have changed haven't they?

I'm thrilled to say that I'm no longer ill, or a college student! Thinking back on both of those experiences, they hardly seem real. For someone who hasn't even had a cold in years and years, it is hard to imagine I spent so much time putting one foot in front of the other to get through my days. Thank God for that camera! The student part--every now and again I think about finishing the last two years, and then I think again. No thanks. 

What's left me confused is wondering if this blog has run it's course. After all, everyone who has ever spent any of their precious time reading this little part of the web knows that I'm not a writer. Try as I might, I will never, never understand grammar and punctuation. I'm a much better chatter. In fact, I can chat up a storm. That's my one claim to fame. 

Which is a darn good thing because those chatting skills came in handy on Sunday at the market. My sales are continuing at an all time low. That's where the dazed part comes in. Yikes! At some point during the day Kathy remarked how busy I was. My reply: "just people I know coming by for a chat." Sales, I need sales! It's been so slow I forgot to pay my June sales taxes ! I'm disconnecting! I'm discouraged! I'm losing faith in myself! All normal, right? This too shall pass. At least that's my hope.

What do you think about this article:
I hope some of the author's optimistic predictions prove true. My fear is that we are all so connected, we're disconnected. The sound of the human voice can be such a balm. Have you noticed how many people are hugging and air kissing these days? Yet, the phone never rings.

Just to amuse you, I'm including a link to my MOST popular photograph on flickr:
Can you imagine that it has been looked at over 10,000 times? I was so naive when I put it on there, thinking I was documenting our shopping mania. It's even blurry no less.

Are you ready to smile? After this dreary post you should be! For ages I'd been wanting a photograph of balloons and yesterday I had my chance. While driving past an apartment complex I saw these:

A very cheery sight indeed.

One more note regarding the market if I may. Early in the day a family stopped. An instant family if you will. Identical triplets! Now that's a rarity. Here are the boys in front of my huge fan as they waited for their parents.
They were quite something as they fed off each other. The boy on the left's hair is blowing like crazy. One would squeal in delight, with the others chiming in one after the other. I'd make a noise and the chorus would begin trying to imitate my noise. I DO NOT envy those folks.

Time to go get my oil changed before I head over to the Polasek to help with their gift shop. I'm confused about my role there as well. I almost feel like I'm betraying my friend Karen by continuing to help there, but it's important for me to be volunteering in the community. My application to volunteer at the library apparently went into a file as I've never heard a word.

And, oh yes, I will be stopping by the post office to mail Matt's housewarming gift. He's busy painting and assembling furniture in his spare time! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

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