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Can you believe I've never used that title before? Amazing really considering what I've been up to these three years. Well, I'm using it now!

Yesterday while driving to the Polasek I heard a piece on Morning Edition about a Latino children's alphabet book. Hmmmm..........

Previously, the museum never allowed outside events inside the gallery spaces, however, that is all about to change. Or, at least that's what they are hoping. As I've mentioned, the new folks are loaded with all kinds of energy and ideas.Whereas before there was tension in the air, these days people seem genuinely excited. There are a lot of new volunteers for both the gardens and the galleries which will add even more energy. Arriving before 9, I figured it would take maybe two hours. I was wrong!  Here's how things looked with the first set up:

As you can see, I was shooting towards the window which is a bit of a challenge, however, yesterday's overcast skies, and a little later torrential rains, helped somewhat. Cindy is hoping to use some of these for a brochure advertising the space.

Here's the last of  the four set ups:
This one was a bit garish for me but I'm just the photographer so what do I know?

After the photo shoot another volunteer, Susan, arrived to help with the gift shop set up--pricing and whatnot. I finally left around 3:30 only to get stuck in traffic on I-4. I immediately exited onto Orange Avenue, an excellent choice as there was smooth sailing.

I'm not much for talking on my mobile while driving but I hadn't heard from Bill for a few days and wanted to check up on things. He asked if I wanted to stop by after voting, which I was happy to do. While we were chatting the call came through with the offer for a new job, which, although it isn't his dream job, in this economy, a job is a job! I left all kinds of happy.

So, here's my latest screw up--I put my camera card into the CD slot on the side of the iMac. Yes, the brand new iMac! I was left speechless, which was probably just as well because only Baxter would have been listening. How, pray tell did this happen? I'll tell you how. The card slot is about 1/3 inch below the disc slot. I placed my hand on the side and it pretty much just slipped into the wrong place. Apple Care to the rescue!! Placing my call I was prepared to wait forever, however, this time that was thankfully not the case. Although the young man on the other end of the telephone line hadn't heard of such a thing before, he assured me they could remove it at the store. Thus, I'll be heading over to the mall, once again carrying my computer. My appointment is for 2:15 at the Florida mall store. As I type I'm puzzling about what is the shortest route.

Inspiration Gail, isn't that what today's title is? Why, indeed it is. So glad you reminded me.

Returning from a morning walk with Baxter, which by the way was fairly pleasant. He trotted along pretty nicely and if you can imagine the weather was a touch cool. Anyway, it was then that I recalled yesterday's radio story. Why, I said to myself, there's an excellent collage just waiting to be made. Picasa allows you to write text on the photo so I gave it a try. Still needs work, but here's where we are so far:

Q and X were quite a challenge! I still don't know why the fonts are different sizes as I set them all the same....

While typing the above I heard a big popping noise. Jumping up from my chair, I was shocked to discover the front door's middle glass panel was completely cracked and still cracking. Turns out while using the weed eater, Gerry, our yard guy, hit a rock which flew into the window. Seriously, it's astonishing. He was oblivious. I called out to him until he saw what had occurred. As I stood there the sound of it cracking was really something. Very difficult to photograph but this gives you a little idea:

Bruce just happened to call while I was standing there with my mouth agape. He instructed me to put tape on it in a basket weave fashion, however, I was a little reluctant to touch it;  instead I covered both sides with freezer paper in case it started falling out. Wouldn't you just know this would happen when I've got my Apple appointment! Gerry will stop by the glass place and have them contact me for replacement. I'm still in awe. It was really something both watching and hearing the cracks continue one after the other.

Still cracking......
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