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Week in Review

Let's start with a little travelogue shall we? Taken by two hipsters with the Hipstamatic application on the iPhone:

Now that was amazing, right? I hope you clicked on the upper right corner of the screen and watched it as a slideshow. Makes you totally want to see Barcelona for yourself. For the longest time, well really a few months, I didn't make the connection between the word, application, and software--pretty much one and the same. So, if you're like me, and didn't get it before, now you do. This modern life is full of such traps isn't it?

Tuesday Maureen and I had an outing. We went to see the film, The Kids are All Right,  which has garnered some of the best reviews of the year. First off,  I'm not at all uncomfortable with lesbians. For obvious reasons, I am delighted that one aspect of modern life is greater acceptance of homosexuals.  Secondly, the interview of the director, Lisa Cholodenko I heard on Fresh Air was captivating. The movie, on the other hand, was not. At least for me. Even days later I'm trying to imagine what she was trying to say. That same sex couples raise the same sorts of kids as heterosexuals? That when the going gets a little rough, homosexuals decide to have sex with heterosexuals? There's this one scene in the movie where the son and his friend rifle through the parents bedroom drawers. Finding a dvd, they insert it, only to discover that it is gay porn. In typical movie fashion, one of the mothers walks in finding them speechless in front of the tv. A little later her son asks her why do lesbians watch gay porn. She responds that they usually cast straight women in lesbian porn and it just seems too fakey. Duh! Aren't there any lesbians in Hollywood who could have played the parts by Julianne Moore and Annette Benning? Not that the cast wasn't good, in fact, I thought they were excellent. Just something about the story line bugged me. For instance, what are we to make of the fact that this seemingly hip couple never thought their children would want to know who fathered them? Oh well. Enough already---make me stop!!!

A little later  we made our inaugural visit to the new Five Guys on Orange Avenue. Now, that was a treat!

The Polasek is taking up more of my time closed than it does when it is open! Wednesday I went for another training session, staying afterward to work some more on the gift shop. Cindy, bless her heart, won't believe that I'm terrible at inventory and such. We were just figuring out how to track things in the cash register when Bill called with an emergency. Everything is just fine now, and the good news is that Thursday morning he had an interview with an old employer, Prime Pay. They do payroll and insurance for small businesses. We'll see where that goes.

You already know that on Thursday I spent an inordinate amount of time figuring my order, dreaded task that it is. Wait until I get it--then I'll really fuss! 

Bruce had a one day trip to Baltimore on Friday, leaving around 7 in the morning. Just as I was finishing hanging the clothes on the line, as well as my usual, albeit skimpy, cleaning routine, he called saying he had a problem. That always sends a little shiver down my spine! Anyway, turns out his day timer was missing. After retracing his steps, and calling Southwest to report it missing, he asked me to check his car trunk at the airport, which I was happy to do. Taking a little different route, I came across this:

Beautiful! The light was too bright, but it sure highlights how muscular they are! No day timer in the trunk. 

You may have noticed earlier no mention of food shopping during the week, and you would be labeled observant. Finally ready to rectify that situation, I pointed the car towards Clemons, our favorite produce store. It was then that I realized Maureen probably needed food as well. Mid June was the last time she drove her car. Here's hoping her doctor visit this week includes permission to once again drive!! After calling to confirm, I headed her way, but not before I drove through the peacock neighborhood. Some market friends mentioned their neighborhood peacocks had babies, so I figured maybe I would see some as well. And I DID! Adorable little ones were scattered over several yards, most of the time staying close to their mothers. Again, the light was way too bright, nevertheless, I thought you'd like to see them for yourself:
Happily, upon returning to the Baltimore airport later in the afternoon, the day timer was once again back in Bruce's possession. Apparently it was found in the overhead compartment---thank goodness. All's well that ends well, as they say.

Every year, first Bruce's parents, and later, Bruce's mom, would take us out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. I like to think they were proud and happy with our longevity. Sadly, this year there is no Mom to acknowledge another year of happiness. On the other hand, Bruce does have a nice picture of the three of us at Seasons 52 from several years ago on his desk to remind him of her devotion.

Which brings me to my concluding thought: be very grateful if you have a mom to drive you crazy because one day you won't, and it's a mighty big hole to fill.

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