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Beehive of Activity

As you can imagine, I'm doing a lot of sweeping these days. With a back yard like this, you would too. Remember the other day when I said there was a mudslide around here? 3 1/2 inches will do that. this is . As each day passes I'm finding it harder and harder to picture a pleasing back yard again. Coming home from his trip on Thursday evening, Bruce walked around saying some not so flattering things regarding our home. You'd think he'd be the one to have the vision wouldn't you? He does, just not that hour.

After working most of Thursday on painting the window frames, Craig and Mark took their leave. This, did not make Bruce a happy camper upon his return because promises to have his office done were unmet. This kept him working at home on Friday, albeit on his work bench in the garage, but at least he was home to project manage on the sidelines if necessary.

Here's what happened on Friday:
I know it doesn't make much sense from this view--let's see if this helps:
Two young men moved the refrigeration lines from lining the back of the house up in through the attic, through this hole and out the side of the house to the compresser. Monday a box will be built to hide all this. After they are done I'll paint this room. Fortunately the weather cooperated beautifully yesterday during the hours they had the air conditioning turned off. This was not on our original to-do list, but once the foliage was removed, it was apparent that something had to be done. Coming in and out multiple times, the ac guys left a trail of dirt throughout requiring several sweepings. As well, Mark and Craig, not to mention Bruce and I, kept leaving dirt/sand trails. I'm thrilled that we have the tile floors I'll say that much!

Eventually around 4 in the afternoon the sunroom was ready to re-assemble. The windows are messy outside, but very soon they will be cleaned. Next we'll install the new landscaping under the windows to add a touch of color to all that brown.
It really felt great having our room back after a week! Monday there will be so much going on I can't even remember it all. I do know Phil will be starting the pool--hurray!

For some reason quilting surfaced in my thoughts in the last few weeks. Although it's been years and years since I did any quilting, I always enjoyed the process. Remember that trip to Hobby lobby last week? Well, while there I decided to buy some fabrics and attempt to make a quilt after seeing this: Finding all my quilting supplies under our bed, I dusted off (no pun intended) my skills. Although I pieced it all with my sewing machine, I did the actual quilting by hand. I'm sure the color combo doesn't surprise you in the least!
Normally I'm not a good sitter, however, this required hours of sitting, which surprisingly, I enjoyed. Earlier this year this wouldn't have been possible with our former furniture arrangement. My new chair, coupled with the natural light, were a winning combination. I spent hours today slip stitching the border. What will I do with it now that it's done? To be determined.

Not only am I pleased with the results, staying busy kept me from taking more photographs! Next week at this time, we'll be closing down our booth for the day at the Winter Park Autumn Art Festival. Offering her help, Lisa closed her email with this thought: Let's hope we are super busy! Here, here!

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