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Just Couldn't Wait

And with the weather as hot as it's been, the question was really--why wait? So I didn't.
Seriously, imagine going through all that and waiting till April to try it out. After planting a few pots, which by the way are gorgeous French handmade glazed pots, I was so hot I decided to take the plunge. Bad pun, huh?

The water was actually wonderful. Temperatures here are still hovering near 90, making a refreshing dip in the pool irresistible. What I'm figuring is that because the ground water is still pretty warm the pool is as well. I took this on Monday afternoon, and if David hadn't phoned asking me to pick him up at the airport, I would have gone in again yesterday after trimming the palms. Today, with record high temperatures predicted,  you just might find me swimming again. My apologies if you're reading this somewhere that is already sweater weather.....

We're taking full advantage of having a back yard once again, dining outside under the flashy new umbrella:
Isn't that a lovely glow? If we were crazy we would put the umbrella on the flashing mode to go along with the "Voodoo Lounge" setting on the pool light.
I forget what color they call this one because there are multiple settings, maybe 12 different ones? Anyway "Voodoo Lounge" flashes the color spectrum quickly. I'm not sure I'm making sense describing  it, but I can tell you we are happy to once again have a light in the pool, whatever the color. Looking closely you can see the leaves are already starting to fall. What you can't tell from this photograph is that there is not one, not two, not just three, but FOUR of those baby frogs clinging to the tile. I'm not quite sure where they are coming from--what I do know is that I'd prefer they go back to where they came from. Even after removing them, they seem to find their way back in. Hmmmm......

One theory is that with the extra watering because of the new plants they are being driven from their place in the beds. The water is also drawing some little finches out front--when the sprinklers go off they gather on the front walk and in the bushes:
Adorable huh?

Today is my sister Nancy's birthday. I was thinking that when we were growing up our different ages  meant something, which I suppose they really do, but as one grows older I just sort of feel like we're all the same age. Weird.

In just a bit I'm driving Angela to her post-op visit again. She's doing remarkably well aside from the fact that she can't drive. She normally flits in and out all day long making the non-driving part of this operation the worst part!

I was swamped with visitors at the Polasek yesterday--if you can imagine. 25 to be exact!

Finally, for my readers with a sweet tooth, and you know who you are, I give you this: Nice to have validation isn't it?


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