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CNN is playing beside me with the coverage of the 33 Chilean miners rescue. Knowing me as you do, you know that television is not much of a part of my routine, however, this story is so riveting I'm making an exception. While getting my nails cleaned up this morning I kept tearing up as each one was brought to safety. As I type, they are bringing up the 21st miner--such a miracle!

I mentioned yesterday that there was a little detective story involved with the festival which I promised to relate today. Entering 40 successful credit card transactions in PayPal, I began #41, the final one, an American Express card for $350.00. My heart sunk as I read the message--declined, ask customer for another card. Impossible. Next I did what everyone does these days--searched online for the name. What's particularly weird about it was the conversation I had with this buyer regarding people who give me a bad card. Rarely, was my answer. Fortunately, during our conversation we also learned he was a CEO of a company in Altamonte Springs. Still, with all that info, I couldn't find a phone number. After trying several more times, hoping each time it would go through, I left on errands. While driving it occurred to me that maybe I could call AE and they would call him. Naive, I know, but I thought it might be worth a try. Dead end at AE. My next call was to PP where it was my good fortune to have a young woman who was a much better online searcher than I. She told me to use the old fashioned method of calling 411 with the name and address. Score! I left a voice mail.

Returning from the Polasek yesterday afternoon, I fully expected to see the little red blinking light indicating a message. No message. Voice mail #2. Around 6:00 that evening, while I was out back surveying yesterday's work, the phone rang. To say that he was embarrassed is an understatement. At least he apologized unlike the last person to do that to me! As they say, all's well that ends well. Lesson learned--I MUST get phone numbers on large purchases!

On to what you've been waiting for--the reconstruction of our back yard! Here's the early morning look:
 And here's how it looked once they were gone:
The job they did is terrific, but you knew that. If ever we have the opportunity to give people advice on who they should use to do their pool, it will be a pleasure to recommend Phil Bowles Pools.

Mark and Craig arrived a little after 8 today to work on widening the gate to make it easier for Bruce to get his kayak out of the backyard:
Here's hoping he'll have some time to do just that in the very near future. Over the weekend, while I was at the show, he worked with a nice young man, Roger, who was updating the sprinkler system. Bruce got the speaker wires underground out to the fence as well as a few other details I'm forgetting. He was so impressed with Roger that he's hiring him to do the planting if that day ever comes! I know it will, but having a dirt back yard is getting a little old. Which is where we're going next in our narrative.

A couple of canvases ordered over the weekend were ready for delivery. I called one of the ladies, agreeing to meet in the Target parking lot over by Fashion Square. She claimed to be delighted. Yesterday the travertine guy said his crew would arrive at 9:00, however they were not here by 11:00 when I left. Bummer. Eventually they showed up and began carting this pile of base to the back yard in wheelbarrows.

 The spreading begins:

Apparently they called their boss claiming they could not work with Mark and Craig in their way. It got a little ugly with them packing up to go home. NO! I want something besides dirt in the yard! Their boss finally settled them down via telephone and they are out back laying travertine--TA-DA!

Very, very exciting! We are nearing the finish line my friends....

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