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2010 Favorites

For probably two years now, I've subscribed to a blog called Digital Photography School , where I've learned much. The link today sends you to another blog wherein readers were encouraged to submit their 10 best photos of 2010. Thus, I was inspired.

Scanning only through my Picassa uploads, I found that in my eyes, I'm not improving very much. That said, I did find some that I liked, in fact, it won't surprise you a bit to know I found more than ten! Today I'm narrowing it down to people and animal shots, some of which you have seen before, some I hope are new. Early in the year I took this of Matt with Clara, something about this one pleases me very much:
I think I love it because of two things--the size of his hand cradling her head, and secondly, his genuine look of joy.

Continuing the baby theme, the setting isn't the best, but this peacock baby and momma, which I guess makes her a peahen,  cheers me. 
I love how the baby is striding in front without a care in the world, whereas "mom" is undoubtedly lagging behind to protect her chick.

This one is taken of David and Michelle at Amanda's wedding. Rarely can you get David to smile for a picture, and this one isn't too big, but sweet nonetheless, with Michelle looking on lovingly:
Something about this beat up butterfly gets to me. 

Against the brilliant blue backdrop you see how damaged the butterfly is, however, it continues about it's business. There's still beauty here, just not as much. I may have told you how a woman was trying to get me to sample some anti-aging stuff? I replied, "I don't mind getting old," which took her aback. Mostly I don't. There are advantages to being beat up a bit, and I'm not talking only about a senior discount! 

I've nothing to add to this one--definitely "man's best friend."

Back to the baby theme again. This darling child at the Polasek really brightened my day:

Such a serious little face! Shortly thereafter she emphatically yanked that cute little hat off!

Today is Katie's birthday, I swear I don't know where the time has gone! Katie is on the left in this photo taken at Judy's surprise 60th birthday. I've known Judy now for 40 years and she hasn't changed a bit. Still has that great laugh!
This is a repeat from an earlier post:
LOVE, LOVE those grins, not to mention the girl peering in the booth on the right.

This one is of our friend Michael's son Aaron with his girlfriend, whose name I confess I've forgotten:
And yet another happy couple:
It goes without saying how much I adore this one. 

While Nancy was here for Christmas I shot this when she wasn't looking:

Although she's listening to someone on the couch, I think of it as her pondering life; she's quite the thinker.

Finally, how about this serene face:

Taken in the pasture across the road from my plant nursery, there are horses and donkeys as well. The pose, the color and those eyes! I could learn from this cow because I have trouble sitting still, always jumping up to do something else. Rest is good.

So there you have it, my favorites (at least from Picassa) uploads. For your sake, it's probably a good thing that I'm not touching my iPhoto library until the new external hard drive arrives either today or tomorrow! 

As always, the photos look best when you click on them which I hope you will. Any of these speak to you?


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