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Monday, Monday

I fully expected to be blogging yesterday, however, my day hit a snag. While working on updating my website in anticipation of something (which I'll discuss later), my iPhoto library went AWOL. Needless to say, I was a bit shaken. After an unsuccessful call to Apple, I waited patiently for Matthew to finish his workday before calling him for tech support.

Fortunately for me, he answered my FaceTime call, solving the mystery within an hour. Plus we needed to chat a bit. And then it was time for bridge class, which, believe it or not, I'm catching on. In other words, I'm not embarrassing myself too much. 

Several topics were on my mind to discuss with you. First off, let me show you this very cool glass egg that is iridescent:

I hope you can see that little glow from within provided by the afternoon sunlight streaming through the windows. I used these as part of my table decorations for our little dinner party. There's a cute little shop near our home, Foreign Accents, which sells all manner of interesting things, including the large sun and moon faces on either side of the garage. I'm not sure the photo is doing them justice, but believe me, they are neat.

Thinking of my sister Lisa, a confirmed chocoholic, I made Chocolate Mousse for dinner, which proved to be easier than I'd imagined, or at least the recipe I used certainly was. I'm hoping this photo of folding the chocolate into the cream makes Lisa's mouth water:
Okay--so here's the reason I was working on my website.  A lovely young woman we know is featuring yours truly in her newsletter. Now this is not just any lovely young woman, this is Anna, an interior design star. Comes out tomorrow. I'll let you know what she says.

Now that I'm back in business photo library wise, I had to take some spring photographs. Just a few doors down on either side of us, there is a blooming peach tree AND a nectarine tree. I'm just letting you know that flowering trees are very, very hard to photograph well. Actually flowers are as well, but we'll discuss that another day. Anyway, I hope you can see the incredible amount of blossoms on the peach tree in this shot:
 Notice the difference in the nectarine blossoms below?

I just love how the branches are bursting with possibility! The trees were also bursting with bees which made me really glad I had my zoom lens on! Every year they do the same thing and it never fails to thrill me. Unfortunately, oftentimes the squirrels eat the fruit before it has time to fully ripen. :(

Back to the weekend--
  • The market was absolutely fabulous. If this were a separate post, I'd call it "Along Came Ian." He showed up, making my day by buying one of the large canvases, a print AND another canvas. You never, never know each day when you show up for work what will happen!
  • We saw The King's Speech on Saturday afternoon. If you've not seen it, I urge you to see it at your earliest opportunity. There really are no words in my everyday vocabulary to praise it adequately. Angela called it "brilliant" and I think she's spot on.
You might be wondering why Gail is blogging at 7 at night. Or maybe not. Just in case you are, it is because I am waiting for my darling husband to arrive home several days early. You guessed it--snow conditions forced him to retreat to Florida. This news makes me very happy. This is sending me into the kitchen to make some comfort food for my road warrior.  Thanks for keeping up with me....

P.S. Today's tile might have made you wonder as well and if so here's why I used it. Yesterday morning before the photo library mess, my computer inexplicably randomly began playing songs, one of which was "Monday, Monday" which seemed just a little eerie to me.


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