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While talking to Bruce on the phone last night, after returning from bridge class, I mentioned that I'd woken up with a cold sore, plus my eye was hurting terribly all morning. "So, you've got a cold sore and what else?" You could tell by his tone he was unimpressed and who could blame him? In his hotel room in Watertown, NY, he was watching footage from the devastation in Japan, which is unimaginable to say the least. These photos from the NYT really put it all into perspective. Before and After

Because I was so busy all weekend with both the art show and the market, I'd had little time to actually see, rather than read headlines about the destruction in Japan. Now that I have, I'm shell shocked thinking about what those poor souls are going through. It was only last week that Jonathan sent me a link to the pictures he took after Hurricane Charley of both our neighborhood and Southern Oaks. I'd almost forgotten what massive trees laying everywhere in the streets, not to mention through roofs, looked like. I can remember how powerless we felt, and I don't mean just that we were without power for five days! To think that entire lives were washed away in seconds is heartbreaking. Add to that the threat of radiation poisoning and it heads into territory that no mind should ever have to contemplate. Please God, make it stop.

Meanwhile we go on with our lives don't we? By the time you read this, Matthew will be experiencing Asia for the first time. We talked yesterday afternoon while he was waiting for his twelve hour flight to Hong Kong, where he'll be leading some seminars with the firm's employees in SE Asia. After almost a week in Hong Kong, he'll fly to Singapore. With his jet setting ways, he's travled to four continents so far and he's only 34!

Don't let this picture of my booth fool you, the show was not very well attended, in part I think, due to little to no advertising. How to describe my sales is always a challenge. Not as good as some years, but so much better than some of my friends, that it seems silly to complain, don't you agree?

It was a long day for both Bruce and me, with him heading out early to set up and me signing prints at home beginning at 5:30 in the morning. By the time we got home around 8, after eating dinner with our artist friend Gabby, we were both weary. Bruce spent part of the afternoon working in our yard to continue the clean up. He started to lay down on the couch until I suggested we head to bed after moving the clocks ahead an hour. A 9:30 bedtime seems so much more reasonable than 8:30!

Before we knew it, we were doing it again. The weather was gorgeous on Sunday, couldn't have been one bit better for sure. Lots of folks, more than the art show-- that's a fact. Every day that you go out as a vendor is an adventure, with no clue who will walk by your booth. Most market days the vast majority of my sales are of paper prints, however on Sunday, people mostly purchased small, or what I call, baby canvases. The usual suspects for the most part. I brought home some green tomatoes from the market which I fried up as part of our dinner. Delicious!

Another early bedtime because Bruce had a 5:30 flight in the morning. Bless his heart. When I got up yesterday morning I was still worn out, and then there was the stupid cold sore and eye problem! What a mess I am some days! Soooo.......I pick up my camera and try to find things around the house to photograph. Ever since I brought these shells home from Mom Peck's house I've tried to do something with them. Here's my latest attempt:
Although this shell has an ugly exterior, the interior sure is a pretty color:
These may look very simple, but it's harder than you think to get the lighting just right to show all the details. This is where my back yard table comes in handy. As well, I am delighted to show you the bougainvillea that is returning to it's former glory:
The lighting is sketchy on this one, but I'm so pleased that after looking at bare sticks all winter it is blooming once again, that I couldn't wait to share it with you!

Finally, how about this cool heart in the peacock feather?
Plus there are those touches of gold. The beauty and complexity of nature is thrilling isn't it?

Later in the afternoon I managed to plant my herbs, oregano, cilantro, and basil, which had been languishing while I was tending to my business. I'm very excited because as well as the aforementioned, I've planted Italian parsley, rosemary and thyme. I suppose I should hunt down some sage.....

For the last several weeks I'd been bumped from my usual seat at bridge class, however, last night I claimed my chair once again. Mostly because Bob and Judy intrigue me. I learned last night that he just lost a race for Windermere city council by three votes. Adding to the intrigue, I learned they met at ballroom dancing! No wonder he wiggles his leg throughout class and she wears high heels every week! Another reason I sit there is because Bob knows what he's doing and helps us along. Last week, the instructor was quite put out with me; this week I managed to fly under the radar.  I'm learning, albeit slowly.

Where has the time gone? I was up bright and early, but now it's time to dry my hair or I'll be late for the Polasek.

Many thanks for stopping by.
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