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Normal is Overrated

Frankly, I was having trouble figuring out how to write a post this morning that might be cohesive enough to entertain you, if only for a few minutes. Buttering my very, very darkly toasted bagel it came to me.

While Bruce was growing up, his dad also liked his toast very dark, never understanding why Bruce insisted he like otherwise. To his dad, and me for that matter, toast that is barely warm is just not toast. Dark is normal in our world, not so dark is normal in Bruce's world.

Lisa may recall a few years ago at one of my very first shows I took a photograph of a woman's t-shirt which read "Normal is Overrated." Several weeks ago I used it as part of a new collage, which sold both times I showed it in a matter of hours. Those collages are anything but normal for sure! Apparently there is something about that saying that resonates with folks.

Speaking of personal ideas and behaviors, this article from the Times, Be Kind to Yourself, seems pretty spot on to me.

That to-do list from the other day? I got most of it done, except I must confess I skipped my bridge homework. You see, right now, there are so many gorgeous flowers in bloom, that I get sidetracked very, very easily. As well, yesterday I bought myself some new toys at Ross. Nothing fancy mind you, but I did buy some watercolor paper and paints, along with some small blank canvases. Possibilities await.

Those beautiful flowers I spoke about, well get ready for a flower feast my dear ones. First off, our azaleas are pretty much in full bloom. You might also note that the grass is coming right along.
I'm seriously thinking though that we need to do something about those lady palms, don't you?

Stopping by Miss Lois's garden on my errands most days that I'm out, I'm always in for a treat. As I mentioned before, barely anyone can grow tulips in Orlando, making it extra special. As I write this, the last are finished blooming for the year, but not before I've taken a slew of pictures! Maybe it was on Monday, Lois was out working in the garden when I came by. She told me she missed much of the display because they were on a cruise. No problem Lois, I'll send proof of your gardening prowess!
The one pictured below is the last tulip for the year, not to mention the only one of it's kind.
There are a few other neighbors that have interesting gardens as well. Now, I describe them as interesting because most people might find them slightly abnormal. The folks I'm thinking of care little about their lawn and shrubs, letting them get pretty darn messy. But, oh, the hidden gems amongst that disarray is charming to say the least.

The flowering trees are blooming like mad right now. This one is a dogwood for those unfamiliar with them.
There aren't many dogwood trees around here, and there certainly aren't many plum trees, shown in it's glory below:
There are so many blossoms on this small tree that I can't really do much with it in a photograph. Trust me on this one--it's a marvel.

And then there are the tabebuia trees blooming all over the city. Angela and Matt went for a New York city weekend and she said driving home from the airport on Monday, she was happy to be home, not only for the weather, but the glorious yellow and pink trees everywhere she looked. If you check this one out a little larger you'll see that I got a bee in mid air!

I've been such a picture taking fool of late that my desk is littered with batteries, cameras, chargers and cases. Note to self--tidy up!

The flowering season is nearly over for camellias. Lois sent me home with this little beauty, aptly named, "Pink Perfection."
A darling little flower if ever there was one!

So where does this leave us with a post title such as todays? Well, I kept thinking that in a sea of flowers, there are always ones that don't conform, such as this one:
Some folks might think it's deformed, whereas there are those among us that see it as a lovely difference. How about you? So, what is normal anyway? Who knows?

Enough philosophy already Gail! It's time to get this day started. Glory awaits. :)
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