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Summer Gardening

While looking for an online tutorial on "how to install an invisible zipper", I came across A Dress a Day, a very fun blog for people who like both sewing and whimsy. Possibly because I am working on this dress,
it caught my attention. Originally, I'd hoped to do some sewing over the weekend, but as you know, that never happened. Instead, if you're a regular reader you know I was in the yard. Angela calls hers the garden, which sounds very nice doesn't it? As well, regular readers know about our turf war which we are finally winning. I mowed yesterday morning and doesn't it look fab?
At some point we're going to have to do something about those gigantic lady palms to the right of the front door, however, that time has not come. We have bigger fish to fry, as my late mother would say. After mowing I went to Appenberry's in College Park, looking for a bird bath. Located on Edgewater Drive, it is one of the fast disappearing, independently owned, garden centers. They actually ask if you'd like help there! The woman told me they didn't have a lot of bird baths, but could order one if I liked. I roamed around in a light sprinkle marveling at all the beautiful plants, pots, and garden accessories. Just when I thought it was going to be a lost cause I came across the perfect one for our "garden."
I hope to show you a picture soon with our little cardinal friend frolicking in the water. Have I told you how he is unafraid of us? He now will be at the feeder, or in the tree, while we are hanging around or working nearby. Shall I name him? Any suggestions? Regina has a female cardinal she's named Angie who annually gives birth in her garden. If you look closely, you will see that this is the worst part of our yard, still thin and lumpy. Might I also just tell you that this sucker is heavy? Nonetheless, because it came in two parts I was able to put it in place. I immediately filled it with water, however, I needn't have because soon thereafter a torrential rainstorm started. When I say torrential, I'm not exaggerating one bit. Two and one half inches in about an hour! Hurray is what I have to say about that! We've had an unusually dry year and any rain is most welcome.

Remember my tomato? I wrote that the photograph made it appear larger than life? Now you can see what I mean:
Please don't freak out that I'm eating my egg salad on white bread. Every now and again I like it. You might note that the tomato slices are the perfect size for cutting the sandwich in two. Unfortunately, I put too much Coleman's Dry Mustard in the salad, masking the taste of my one and only tomato.

Once in a while I find something on the sale rack that suits me so perfectly, you'd think they had me in mind. Such was the case last week at Nordstrom's Half Yearly sale. Mostly, at that sale, I roam the various departments with nothing in particular on my mind. For a while now I've been hoping to find a summer robe. This sale was the one. I found a VERY PINK robe made by Josie. The link isn't the exact robe because mine is made of a stretchy, lightweight, almost pique type fabric, however, the style is the same. Absolutely perfect in every way. Plus, I paid less than the price shown. Contrary to what you might think, I don't have multiples of things. In fact, I had one long robe and that's about it. I'm very, very delighted with this purchase.

Speaking of apparel, after finishing Portobello, I am nervous about what to pack for our trip. Ruth Rendell lives in London so she knows the weather. Most of that crazy story was set in the summer which she described as cold and rainy. What's a Florida gal to do? Obsess about it is what this one is doing!

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