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Earlier today I re-read a few blog posts from the beginning of Camera Crazy. One entry I forwarded to Matthew because it detailed his arrival in London. I called him a chameleon then and that thought still stands. He adapts and changes to his environment so darn easily. He wrote back saying he couldn't believe I'd kept my blog going for so long. February 2007 was the first posting and today I begin writing my 884th post. So, here we go....

September 1, 2011 will not go down in history, or on this blog for that matter, as a good day for Peck men. Not all the Peck men, but certainly two of them. While I was happily playing bridge, Jonathan called the house, surprised I'm sure that his dad picked up. I'm glad he did because I would have been upset by the news that on their way to work, Jonathan swerved to miss hitting a car. The good news is the damage to both vehicles was minor--the bad news is that it shook Alissa up pretty good. Mentally that is. Her first time for an accident. Not for Jonathan, as he reminded me later of one years ago. A neighbor was driving her son and Jonathan somewhere when an accident happened. Jonathan still remembers not having his seat belt on in the back seat and being thrown around a bit. One accident he can't remember was when he was only 10 months old. While driving Matt to the doctor for a strep throat test, a woman drove straight at me on Crystal Lake Drive, totaling our car. Amazingly, neither myself, Matt or Jonathan were injured, although Matt did sport a stripe on his chest diagonally for a while--evidence of how the seat belt saved his life. Jonathan, strapped in his car seat in the back was mostly unfazed. I remember just before the impact thinking I wouldn't be able to nurse Jonathan anymore because I was going to be in the hospital! Judy, sister-in-law extraordinaire, drove to the scene to help. This was long, long before mobile phones. Somehow we made it work.

So that was bad phone call number one.

Around 6, after just putting some home made rolls in the oven, the phone rang again. I said to Bruce, "probably Bill calling on his way home from work." Answering the phone, it was Bill alright. Immediately I knew from his distraught voice that something bad had occurred, a mother's worst nightmare. I handed the phone to Bruce who jumped up from his desk and told Bill to calm down, he was on his way over.

As bad as it was, it could have been worse. His body his fine. It was his condo. Damn it, but someone broke in while he was at work, stealing all manner of things. His place was a mess with clothes strewn all over the floor, cupboards open, things scattered. The robber even had the NERVE to break a frame with baby Baxter in the picture!

After the attempted break in a few weeks ago Bruce went over to install a safety bar on the sliding door. The window, however, did not have any extra security and it was through that opening the robber entered, stealing among other things 10 pairs of designer jeans. Can you imagine? The laptop I can understand, the jeans, not so much. An expensive necklace and watch are gone. When the police were there later on they told Bill to look at his bed to see if they had taken his pillowcase which indeed was gone. Apparently, that's the method used sometimes to carry the loot! Pathetic. The thought is that a young person living in the complex is responsible. We'll see.

Today Bill has calmed down, even sleeping better than his dad last night. Every few hours Bruce was tossing and turning, thinking about things. A month or so ago, Bruce was given an unexpected bonus for working so hard last year. I asked him for a little of what I called "mad money" from the bonus, which is not really my style. In fact, of said "mad money", most of it is still in my possession, except for a new shuffle, which truth be told is not nearly as good as my old one. Just plain too small even for someone with small hands like myself.
Bruce, uncharacteristically decided to do the same, setting some aside for himself. It's gone now. He woke up saying he was going to use it to buy Bill a new computer today, meeting him at Costco around lunch time. I just got off the phone with Bill, who is very grateful for having such a loving dad.

Heard enough bad news for one post? Me too. So let's look at something colorful, shall we? Some carrot soup that looks much better than it taste. The orzo with roasted asparagus, on the other hand was delicious.
For the party Trish brought over the veggies, including about a FIVE pound bag of baby carrots. Not one to waste things, I gave this soup a go, but won't be doing so again no matter HOW MANY carrots I have! The remainder of the soup went into the disposal.

Just in case you've been wondering, Corrine is much improved, going so far as to return to work! She has, however, now lost 30 pounds, prompting Bruce to say she doesn't even look like herself. Visiting with her a few days ago, she claims to be feeling, in her words, "pretty good."

I won't go into the six or so hours I wasted with a minor car problem; it was frustrating enough to go live without writing about it. The bottom line is, the car is all better now. On my way home from Honda this morning I parked the car for a few minutes at Lake Eola, seeing this:
Those baby swans are growing up, although I don't know if the grayish ones are going to turn white or black. Time will tell as it usually does.

No word from Mt. Dora yet. You'll be one of the first to know when I hear something.

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